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Journals for young writers

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I have made some labels to help me encourage my students to write more. Each attached sheet below can be printed out and then cut apart to give each child one label. The label will help remind everyone what the child should have written or drawn about on that particular day.

I have already found some great labels online that I have printed and added onto either notebooks or bradded folders. I used whatever I had received for school supplies (composition books for Reading and Writing, spirals for Science, bradded folder filled with hold punched construction paper for Poetry and the same for Math).

These journals will be a great tool for tracking student progress and to also allow them to reflect on what they are learning about. This is the first year that I will be having my students use a journal for every subject area. What a great way to reduce the cost of copies and the use of those unappealing worksheets. Teachers, parents and children like to see what they can do on their own anyway!

Reading and Writing Journal Prompt Labels

Journal prompts for writing

Journal labels- Bb Words

Journal labels- Ll Words

Journal labels “Mm words”

Journal labels “T Words”

Math Journal Prompt Labels

Journal labels- Rectangles

Journal labels- Spheres

Journal labels- Squares

Journal labels- Triangles

Journal labels- Patterns

Science Notebook prompting Labels

Journal labels- Science Tools