Kindergarten Lesson Plans – Common Core Aligned


The 2014 Green Bean Kindergarten Curriculum Overview is Complete! Month 1-8 Lesson Plans are now updated, completed and now Aligned with the Common Core State Standards! (I am keeping up with the “Jones’ in Education!) I have designed these to be used as Public, Private or for Home School use! They are unique because they are created by me, a Kindergarten teacher. They are based on how I have taught and still teach in the Kindergarten classroom- which is standards-based, as well as developmental-based. I have also weaved some Montessori methods into the construction of the order of teaching letters and sounds.

Since the emergence of the Common Core State Standards, I have re-vamped the Lesson Plans and made them better. I’ve caught errors and I ended up taking 2 years to complete the alignment of the first 8 months of school. So, those, I have put on TpT. It was truly so much work. Each month can be downloaded by month or in a bundle, below. Just click on the link and it will take you to the TpT greenbeankindergarten little shop of mine! (However, the non-CCSS Lesson Plans of mine for Month 1-4 are still here on my blog for FREE. I never could find my jump drives with the other months, which makes me so sad. This is why I started placing my things on my blog and Tpt-since I lost jump drives so easily!)


Month 1


Month 2


Month 3


Month 4


Month 5


Month 12345 Bundle


Month 6


Month 7

dr seuss sitting added February 23, 2014!!!!

Month 8

hopping-bunny added March 13, 2014!!!!!!

Month 9

Here is a FREE sample of the newly designed Common Core Aligned Lesson Plans for the Green Bean Kindergarten Curriculum.  Month 5 Week 1 Sample lesson for GBK post


  1. i have picked up your lesson plans for month 8!!! So excited to get started tomorrow! I’m wondering if you are going to have lesson plans for month 8?


    1. Hi Dianna,
      I sure will 🙂 I plan to have them uploaded by mid-March (hopefully sooner)! Then, I will post Month 10 after that. Months 1-7 are already available as well for download too! Thanks for asking! I am also so excited for Dr. Seuss month!!!!!!! -Andrea


    1. Hi Ms. Roberts,
      I still can’t find the 1st half of the hard copies of my Pre-K lesson plans. I have the 2nd semester-hard copies. I hope I can get them up and online this summer. I am so mad that my jump drive with the digital files is gone! I thought you were teaching Kindergarten this year, though. -Andrea


      1. I understand. I am.. however, my family and I have a small private school PREK-2nd. I tried searching in TPT for your Kindergarten Homework Choice Menus but I couldn’t find them. Towards the end of the last school year I made weekly “HW AGENDA’s” to match these lesson plans. That was very time consuming and a bit tedious for the children to complete. Dedicating time to check HW every morning, meant less interaction time. I think these menus are very clever. (As well as the “boxes/bags”.) Where could I find your HW CHOICE MENUS for the whole year? Also, do you do weekly test? Thank you for your help.


      2. Hi Ms. Roberts,
        Great news! I have completed MONTH 1 Lesson Plan Bundle of my Pre-K lesson plans. I’ve also added 15 pages of printables to accompany the activities. After going through and reading my files, there was so much that I needed to change. It was much more time intensive that I thought (which is why I priced it a bit higher than my other grade level plans). They are available at this link: (you can copy and paste in your browser).

        As far as the other materials you mentioned, they are MIA, which is why I upload everything to either my website or to TpT. I just can’t keep up with jump drives and paper files! I am just so mad at myself for misplacing such hard work, also! Hopefully, I will find some time to recreate the HW Choice menu’s. I was looking through TpT and found some really neat ones though.


  2. Hi Andrea I purchased your kindergarten lesson plans for month 1 and I don’t see the glue dots page is that on your blog.


    1. Hi Brenda- Sorry for the late reply! it is our 2nd week of school! I always just make a glue dots page out of construction paper. It holds all the wet glue better. Especially when the child brings you their paper to show you they are finished! -Andrea


    2. Hi Brenda,
      I just checked and noticed that when I responded from my phone, it did not post…sorry about that. I usually just create my own glue dots page by using a marker and “dotting” dots on heavy construction paper. It dries better, especially when the student brings their paper to you, when it is still wet! -Andrea


  3. Interested in purchasing common core aligned curriculum for kindergarten classroom. I am a Montessori teacher recently employed by a public school. Could you send me a random sample page? On TPT the samples are so small I can not read them. I am looking to see how much of the Montessori curriculum was kept in your plans. I intend to teach as I have in my previous classroom but want to make sure I am matching the Montessori lessons to common core.
    Thank you


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