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These are some menu’s that I created for GT students or even high achieving students. They can be used within a Learning Center or in place of a Learning Center. According the TAGT, Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented, GT students should be pre-assessed prior to topics being taught. So, instead of teaching addition for several weeks and having the GT child sit through and endure what they may already know and be able to do,  the teacher will preassess the students. If the child makes 90% or higher, then there is no need to teach addition to that child. Providing a Math Menu is a great alternative for this child. The menu’s below are designed to be printed and folded like a brochure or menu. The blank menu is one sheet and one sides and is the simplest form.

Math Menu Kindergarten                Math Menu Kindergarten

Blank Menu

Reading Menu Kindergarten1

Reading Menu Kindergarten2

Guided research projects and independent research projects are appropriate for GT students. Especially, if the content that is being introduced to the class, is mastered already by those students. Below are some downloads that are helpful to guide students in the right direction, during their research project.

Research Learning log1

Before, during and after the project, the child should be thinking about what he/she will create to demonstrate learning about their topic. Here is a list of 20+ project/product ideas.

Research product list

Parents have the right to be informed about what their child is learning about and researching. Here is a nice little parent letter to do just that.     GT Parent letter about research project

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