2012-2013 Kindergarten Lesson Plans – Month by Month Style


These Lesson Plans are organized by month so that you can start when you want to. I created these lessons plans based on how I taught Kindergarten with Texas state standards. However, I also used some Montessori ideas and “letter-sound” teaching order. The needed worksheets are included in each weekly lesson plan. There are not as many Math sheets though, because I am sole believer in using manipulatives for Math. Everything within the lesson is explained in simple terms, to keep you from spending hours planning and reading. I love this format as it worked in my classroom I hope you will enjoy it too! Note: (1-1, means Month 1-Week 1….2-2, means Month 2-Week 2). I now teach in Alabama, and have re-vamped these lesson plans and made them more exquisite! The lesson plans that are Common Core State Standards Aligned are available at my teachers pay teachers shop (green bean kindergarten). The ones that are not CCSS aligned are for FREE here on my Blog, and those are just months 1-4.

Month 1-4 Overview- The attachment below is a “time line” that outlines the skills that will be taught during months 1-4. Each “month” of lessons has 4 weeks and you can begin any time of the year. They are designed solely skill based, so you can weave in your own themes and favorite stories as you wish. You can literally use these skill and standards based lessons as the foundation for your favorite lessons-just figure out how to align them and match up the skills.

 Kindergarten Lesson Plans – Month 1-4

Month 1

Each Week below (1-4) has its own Lesson Plan with the worksheets attached to the same document.


Week 1 LP 1-1 with worksheets

Week 2 LP 1-2 with worksheets

Week 3 LP 1-3 with worksheets

Week 4 LP 1-4 with worksheets


Month 2

LP 2-1 with worksheets

Little Reader -The Pup (-up words)

LP 2-2 with worksheets

LP 2-3 with worksheets

Book – Make Your Own -My Family

Little Reader – Presley the Pig (-ig words)

LP 2-4 with worksheets

Little Reader- What I Got (-ot words)

Book – Make Your Own -My Friend Book


Month 3






Month 4


LP-Month4-Week2-with-worksheets  NEW! added 12/29/13

LP-Month4-Week3-with-worksheets  NEW! added 12/29/13

LP-Month4-Week4-with-worksheets NEW! added 12/29/13


You are free to use these lesson plans, change and share as you see fit to meet the need of your students. However, you may not claim them as your own. I am happy to share as long as you reference my website.

UPDATE- 2/23/14

Below are images of the Overview Sheets (Time lines) for Months 5-10. The Week-by-week Lesson Plans for Months 5 and 6 are NOW available for download at TpT, and are NOW aligned with the Common Core State Standards!!!  (Months 1-4 are also available on TpT and are aligned with the Common Core Standards, as well!!!!). As of 1/25/14, I am writing Month 7 Lesson Plans. As of 2/23/14, I have completed Month 8 and I will no longer post in this section of lesson plans, since this section has the older version of how I wrote my lesson plans. Also, the time line/overview sheets below have been edited quite a bit and are reflected in my final products in my TpT links.

20130819-222657.jpg 20130819-222859.jpg 20130819-222932.jpg 20130819-223000.jpg 20130819-223035.jpg 20130819-223117.jpg

2015-2016 Lesson Plans!!!!!!!!!!

I now have COMMON CORE aligned lesson plans, available for Kindergarten, Special Education Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten. All are available here:

Common Core Lesson Plans – Click Here! Updated 2015-16





  1. Thank you very much. I am a beginner in teacher and I found your weekly plans very interesting. But please can we have an idea about January and February and march and April and /may???
    Thank you for your help



    1. Hello Hiba,
      Thank you for your kind comments and I am so glad to be of help. I am adding new lesson plans as I create them. It is time consuming, but I will complete it. Thanks for your patience. Also, if you click on “New Lesson Plans” I have a complete yearly outline of the skills that are taught each month of the Kindergarten year. I just don’t have them all typed up into lesson plan format. Compiling my hand written lesson plan notes and lesson plan books is more time consuming than I thought-on top of working full time 🙂 Stay tuned 🙂 -Andrea


      1. Thank you Ms. Andrea. I am using a lot your site in my work and really it’s very helpful.
        It seems you are a great Teacher with a lot of Experience.
        Really Thank you for sharing…And God Bless you For that Help…


  2. Ms. Andrea, Please , I need to know if what you posted are for the Kg1 or Kg2?
    And What about the Homework?
    Are you giving a daily homework or once a week?
    And what kind of homework are you Giving?
    Sorry for disturbing you and asking a lot…



    1. Hi Hiba,
      These lesson plans are specific for KG3, but I understand that in some countries, it would be KG2. In the US, we just call it Kindergarten. I use these plans for my 5 and 6 year old students, who will be going to grade 1 (1st grade) next year. In regards to homework, I like to send home a weekly guide, however, I have also send home a monthly “choice” menu/calendar. Maybe I should post that too, perhaps? To be honest, I change that up each year based on the needs of the students. One thing that I don’t do is send home worksheets. Every time I’ve done that, it seems that a child loses a paper, the copy machine is broken, or I forget to send home a certain page. So instead, I send home a list of the homework to be done. I also provide a notebook specifically for homework. I staple the weekly or monthly sheet inside the inside left side of the notebook cover. At the end of the week, the children turn in and stack up their homework notebooks and I check them while they are are recess or PE. So, one week of homework looks like this: Monday-Write the sight words of the week (usually 2-3) each in different colors. Tuesday- Read or listen to a story. Draw a picture of your favorite character in the story and write 1-2 sentences about why you like that character. Wednesday- Using a newspaper, food advertisement or magazine, find and cut out 4 pictures of things that begin with the “letter of the week.” Glue to your paper and try to write the words to label the pictures. Thursday- Draw 5 things that are blue and 8 things that are green. Write a sentence about how many you have of each, and then altogether. Friday- Turn in your homework. I hope I didn’t make that sound too difficult. Let me know if you have other questions. I’d be glad to answer anytime! -Andrea


  3. hello,
    i am in a small school in Kuwait.
    And i am doing my best to progress in my work.
    My first language is French this is why in English i need to improve my teaching.


    1. In my school, Parents ask for homework and they want a real work: math and English so they have worksheets tree times a week.
      And i think it’s a lot for children in kindergarten.
      But parents request more work.
      we use the note book inside the classroom daily to make some assessments.
      Thank you again Ms. Andrea.


    2. Hi Hiba,
      I would love to hear more about your experiences of teaching in Kuwait. I also have a linkedin group called “Kindergarten Teachers United” and we have teachers from around the world. Come check us out and you can get more great teaching tips there also! I’m glad to have been of help to you Hiba. Your English is wonderful, by the way! 🙂


  4. Dear Andrea,
    I was a french teacher in France and then i came to Kuwait and as you know in Golf, the language required is English , it was not easy for me to find a work as French teacher. I accepted to be a kindergarten teacher.
    About my experience of teaching, in English, i am learning from my teaching this year.
    And yes, i am improving in English cause i am working on myself and i want to succeed.
    You told me about the side “Kindergarten Teachers United” How can i access to this site?
    Thank you again for everything and your help.



    1. Hi Hiba,
      You sound very brave and determined! The site “Kindergarten Teachers United” is actually a “group” within LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/. LinkedIn is like facebook for professionals! You can connect with educators all over the world. “Kindergarten Teachers United” has over 800 members, with many of them being new to teaching Kindergarten. Other members are school principals and some are veteran teachers with much experience. Also, I have recently started a facebook page for green bean kindergarten. I hope to see you there! -Andrea


  5. Andrea, I like the idea of having a monlhly homework sheet with the calendar stapled to their homework tablet. Thank you as well for sharing your lesson plans. I will be using a few ideas per month.

    In my experience with homework I have some parents who also ask for more I add 2-3 extension activities to do per week as an optional choice. I make sure all parents are aware that the extension activities are not required but are also available for parents who want to go beyond what is required. An example is addiing a social studies or science activity based on the standards. I have used create a map of your house and bedroom and label each item. Write 1-2 sentences about each room. For science I may ask parents to help their child perform a simple experiment at home that extenses the experiment conducted at school. I always provide directions, a materials list and what the outcome should be. Lastly, I include a simple science experiment form to be completed. The parents actually loved the science homework since it was completed by 90% of the students on a weekly basis.


  6. I absolutely LOVE your site!! I was curious though….the curriculum overview timeline seems to differ from the monthly outline you’ve posted. Can you clarify? It also looks like there are multiple letters each week for example week 3 states that the letters are m,a,t,s,c so which is the “letter of the week”? How do you determine that? I can not tell you how appreciative I am!!!! 🙂
    Lisa Jennings


    1. Hi Lisa,
      I am so glad that you love this site! I have a page called “Lesson Plans” and then another called “New Lesson Plans.” The discrepancy may be because of that, I think. The “New Lesson Plans” are from this past year and current year. I hope this helps and sorry for the confusion.


  7. Hiya, I’m curious how you divide the year up to post grades? Do you hand out report cards for kindergarteners? My husband is a church minister, and we have been assigned to a congregation out here in the philippine province. The local schools are not accredited to teach foreign students, so I have resorted to home schooling my daughter. I love how you broke down your lesson plan, and I am borrowing a few ideas for her curriculum. I’m just curious how you grade throughout the year. For my son I am breaking his year into a trimester system, but for my 2 older daughters I am going with the semester system. There’s is a typical 180 day school year. How do you break down a 200 day school year? Any advice you have for me will be much appreciated. I will be making a transcript along the way, so if and when we go back to the UK, or US I will have grades, and educational resource information to put on it. 😀


    1. Hi Christina-what a wonderful endeavor you and your family is on!!!! I’ve always graded on the 180 day/year divided into four 9 week grading periods. Each week, I gave a test (a major grade) for each subject, as well as 1-2 minor grades per week. My online grade book last year calculated the major grade % and I believe it was 50% and the daily grade was 20-30%. I hope that helps! -Andrea


  8. Thank you for your help, it is greatly appreciated. I was looking at the NEW Lesson Plan, and months three and four have the Math, science and social studies missing. Not sure why, I hope it’s just my screen. I would love to see what is there. If it possible to re adjust it and repost it, I will be extremely grateful. 🙂 have a great day or night, where ever your time zone is. 😀


    1. Christina,
      I just checked out the missing parts. I see what you mean. The same thing happened when I opened the file on my computer at my school. I figured out what it is. It is the version of Microsoft Word. I’m not really sure how to tell you how to fix it on your end, but how I fixed it at my school was to click on “enable editing.” I created it in the newest Word, but my school had the oldest Word and that was the problem. I hope this helps. If not, I am so sorry. I’d be glad to email them to you, if it doesn’t work. Just send my your email address, but it could be a few days 🙂 -Andrea


  9. Hi Andrea, I simply love your lesson Plans 🙂 brilliant!!! The pace that you use is enough for the child to grasp a concept and the activities are fun. I’m a teacher all the way from Cape Town, South Africa. Thanks for sharing 😀


  10. HI Andrea, I’m very thankful for your kindness in giving your monthly lesson plan and I appreciate that really. I’m a beginner teacher and my name is Dima and I teach in Lebanon. My question is that may I use yours for KG2 students


  11. hi, I am very happy to find this website I am a new teacher in a nursery and I want some idea about the planning ,my age group is 2 and 3 years .


    1. Hi Karima,
      I have not created lesson plans for ages 2-3 year olds, however, I have 3 children of my own. When they were that age, I incorporated play-based learning using learning objects, such as stuffed animals that resembled characters from simple stories (3 bears for “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”). I also provided many cause and effect toys where children could explore what would happen when they place certain objects together (such as magnetic shapes, bristle blocks, and mini-basketball hoops). This age groups responds very well to learning through song, as well! -Andrea


  12. Your a-z books are super!
    Where can I find the c,h,q,& x books?
    (Hmmm…..it looks like I accidentally deleted C, H, Q and X…..Let me look for those! Ooops!)
    Thanks for your support!


  13. Hi Andrea,
    I’m glad and very happy to find your lesson plans. These will definitely assist me in my planning for 2015.

    I will give you the feedback then.

    Warm regards.


  14. Is there any way to still get these months 5-10. I am working with my preschooler to prep him for Kindergarten as much as possible and I have been using these so far. I am so grateful to you for taking the time to put all of this together. Even though I am not a professional teacher I wanted my son to be as ready as possible.


    1. I only have the photo images, not the pdf’s-sorry….but I do have my new common core aligned lesson plans…see the other comments here for the link. Thanks Angella for using these. I’m so glad that they are helping!


  15. Dear Andrea, Indeed you have bn helpful to pple expecially to the new teachers. thank you too.It will be of help to me when i will get a teaching job in KG level.


  16. HI Andrea I love the way you pace and organize everything on your lesson plans I would like to know if there’s a way to get a pdf version of the time line from 2012- 2013. This is being much help for me and I would like to print them out and put them in a binder =) also if could please let me know if you have a free printable version of the weekly lesson plans of month 5-10 . You don’t even know how grateful I am. Im a new teacher and my school is not providing me with a curriculum and im looking for a free one that can help me out. Im desperate! Thanks again!!! . Mrs Rivera


    1. Hi Mrs. Rivera,
      Thank you for your kind comments. I cannot locate the pdf’s or my jump drive that has the lesson plans from 2012-13. When I started aligning my lesson plans with the common core standards, I put all my energy into them and to supplement my income, I started a little shop of TpT. I do have a full curriculum there at this link. https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Kindergarten-FULL-YEAR-Lesson-Plans-Month-1-10-CCSS-aligned-GBK-1318701
      I am sorry that I don’t have the pdf’s of 5-10.


  17. Love your site very informative. I am a Special Education Kindergarten/Pre K Teacher and I can so incorporate this in to my lessons!


  18. This is very Incredible! I find you site very useful. Only God will reward you for this timely contribution. Cheers!


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