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Colors and Shapes Power Points-Perfect for the Starboard!

Student Using an Interactive Whiteboard
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Using PowerPoints to teach young children ways to click and view items on the Interactive Whiteboard is a nice and simple way to begin your first Starboard lesson.


Click on the name below to access shapes and colors Power Points.

Things That Are Red

Color Blue

Color Green

Color Yellow

Color Orange

Color Purple

The Color Pink

Black and White power point




My Shapes

The 100th Day of School is Near!

Hip Hip Hooray – It is the 100th day of school! All of these activities rule and are really really cool! Have fun as you enjoy your favorite one!

Measuring 100 Video

Here is a wonderful video from a new online resource. It reminds me of United Streaming/Discovery Education. It also features Curious George. Enjoy!

How Do We Measure 100? : PBS LearningMedia.

Discovery and Research Activity

What was life like 100 years ago? First, calculate 100 years ago from this year (2012-100=1912)

100 Day of School PowerPoint – Life 100 years ago

* New Mexico became the 47th state and Arizona became the 48th state

* 1st parachute jump from an airplane occured

* Girl Scouts is formed!

* The electric starter was placed in the first car

* The first japanese cherry blossom tree was planted in Washington, D.C.

* The Titanic ship sinks

* The first neon advertising sign appears in Paris, France.

* The traffic light was invented

* Skee Ball was invented (1909) lke in Chuck-E-Cheese

* Electric Mixer invented (1908)

* The ice pop was invented (1905)

* The fly swatter was invented (1905)

* Electric sockets, to plug things into, was invented (1905)

* Air-conditioning (1902) was invented

* The average salary was $750 a year!

* Milk cost .32 a gallon!

* The car industry boomed as the Ford Model-T car was produced on an assembly line for $345!

Predictions of Us at 100 Years Old!


Today and 100 Years from now….

100 Years Writing Prompt

100 Days of School Activities – Free Printables!

Emergent Reader– 100 Animals – Free Printable!

100’s Charts – 4 different kinds where students write from 1-100! Free Printables!

Match the money to the number sight word– Cut and paste Money matching Number sight words

100th day of School Poem

Hello 100!

Hip Hip Hooray

I like the 100th day

This week we will say-

Hey! Hey! Hey!

It is the

one-hundredth day!

Click on this blue link to print the poem for free! 100 day of school poem


Dress like you are 100 years old!

History facts from: Facts from: and and

I had my students write and draw what they would look like at “100.” I just love a Kindergarten’s impression of “old!”


What would a Kindergartener do with $100? Here are some ideas….

20120202-183020.jpg 20120202-183158.jpg20120204-152856.jpg20120204-152910.jpg20120204-152916.jpg20120204-152925.jpg20120204-152932.jpg20120204-152945.jpg20120204-152952.jpg20120204-153000.jpg


Penguins! Penguins! Penguins!

Emperors Penguins during the mating season (May).

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Every Unit that I teach is usually based on a book. “The Emperor’s Egg” is my ultimate favorite penguin book, so this is how I “hook” the students into becoming excited about penguins!

See the emperor penguins in action!

Here is a cute video of a male penguin holding the baby on his feet, as well as feeding him! And then, the mommies arrive! []

A mommy penguin feeds her baby…

Penguin Craft:


Penguin Can Craft

Footprint Penguin

Penguin WEBQUEST Project:

Penguin Sight Word Facts– After reading “The Emperor’s Egg” and then viewing a non-fiction book about penguins, my students helped to read the words “have,” “can,” and “like” and were able to decide where to put the penguin facts. (Items on sticky notes: 1. Penguins have: feathers, flippers, a beak, an egg 2. Penguins can: swim, dive, not fly, slide 3. Penguins like: fish, krill, milk, snow). I then gave students writing paper and they wrote: “Penguins” and then completed the sentence based on what they learned from our chart.


“Penguin Love” Poem for the Poetry Station- I provide a peom for each child and they paste it into their poetry journal/notebook. Before placing the poem in the center, I write it large onto a big piece of chart paper and go over it with the students and let them find sight words in it. Then, I place the poem cut-outs and encourage the kids to illustrate thier poem, after gluing it. They do this by drawing what the poem is about-penguins! Then, I provide a penguin craft for them to complete when they are finished with their poem. Click the blue link for the Penguin Love POEM cut-outs to print.


Penguin Sight Words – This is the first time that I introduced a “word” as the foundation to finding sight words. I provided the cut-out sight words for students to cut out and paste by initial letter-sound. I placed this in my Word Work Station. Click here on the blue link for Penguin WORD WORK writing and sight word sort activity to print.



Recycled water-bottle Penguin Craft – I found this on Pinterest but no source was noted. So here’s to the awesome person who created this awesome penguin in a bottle!


“Wow! Words” from “The Emperor’s Egg” My kindergartners will be so smart saying words like: waddled, slippery, horizon and flippers! Thank you ladies at the virtual vine website for sharing! this free download!


Sight Word Eating Penguin – I simply taped on this penguin to the front of a cereal box. Then, cut a slit under the beak. I passed out sight words that I wrote on clip-art fish. I called out the sight word and the student that had the word fed the penguin (we named him Bob, by the way!) As they fed Bob, I had them say a sight word sentence too. After this fun game, I put Bob into the Word Work station. Click on the link for the fish flash cards Fish flash cards (you write the sight words you are studying)


Penguin craft – I drew a simple “U” shape on black and then white construction paper, an egg, flippers, a scarf, eyes and beak shape on construction paper and the students cut out the pieces and created their own penguin. (This is the craft that I placed in my Poetry Station for students to complete after gluing their penguin poem into their poetry notebook.


















Polar Bear Lesson Activities and Adorable Fluffly Video’s!

Ursus_maritimus_Polar_bear_with_cub.jpg, with ...
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Cover of The Three Snow Bears

During the month of January we have been exploring Antarctica in our sweet Kindergarten classroom. Now, we are learning about Polar Bears and eskimoes. “The Three Snow Bears” by Jan Brett is a great foundation to teach about both. It is a beautiful story that reminds me of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but in the Arctic region and with polar bears. After hours of online research (while multi-tasking and cooking dinner, talking on the phone and watching the news) I have found so many great craft ideas and already made video’s from research that other smart people have made. I love being able to find exactly what I need on the internet. I have credited others ideas with thier website being posted below images. Enjoy! I hope you can find something useful here, for your classroom too!

Here is a video showing how real eskimoes build real igloos…

Can you saw “awwww!” Here are some beautiful bears in action

Polar Bear Fast facts:

* Polar Bears usually give birth to twin bear cubs.

* Moms give birth to their cubs in Winter.

* Polar bears like to swim and can swim up to 100 miles!

* An adult polar bear is between 7-8 feet long.

* Moms create dens to live in, which are under the snow.

* Their skin is black.

* They eat seals.

[fast facts from:] More facts, video’s and pictures of polar bears can be found at:

Polar Bear Craft 1

Step-by-step directions of how to make a bear using an old cd is at this next site. Instead of fake white fur, I will use ear cut-outs, cotton balls and wiggly eyes. I think using cd’s (if you have them on hand) is a great way to be “green.”

Igloo Paper Craft

Polar Bear Circle Craft – I drew out large and medium sized circles and the students cut them out and glued them together. This is the craft that I decided to place in the Poetry Station for students to create when finished with their poem.


Peotry Workstation – I always like to place a craft that focuses on the poem and brings it to life. I think these type of fun crafts are more appropriate for Centers than they are for whole group instruction. Kindergarteners are very independent and when in Centers, with a partner, they can help one another if they forget the next step. I also include a little cut out of the poem for each student to place in thier poetry notebook/folder and explain for them to illustrate thier poem as well. Hanging an example/model of the polar bear is also a good idea! Poem words from


Student written poem inspired by the Poetry Station (My daughter in first grade, wrote this after school one day)


Polar Bear Writing – Turn a regular rectangle writing paper into a bear!


Related articles – PHOTOS: The World’s New Favorite Tiny Polar Bear Cub (









Snow, Snowmen and Snowflakes!

Snowmen All Year

Snowmen Words – I read “Snowmen at Night” and “Snowmen All Year.” Then, we made a list on the whiteboard, of things that a snowman could do for fun. We learned about thought bubbles and made our own with writing paper. The children used sight words to write about what their snowman will do. Here are some of the sentences they wrote. “I will play.” “I will have a snowball fight.” “I see snow flakes.” “I will fly a kite.”



Winter Windows – After reading many stories about snow (since we don’t usually have snow in Houston, TX), we imagined what it would look like if we were to look out the window. The students painted icicles, snow flakes, snow balls, wind and of course, snowmen. This activity was so calming for the children-they were so quiet!



Coffee filter Snowflakes – Just fold 2 times and cut in any way and like magic, you have a snowflake!


Snowball Names – This fellow teacher made used pre-cut white circles-one for each letter of a child’s first name. I love that this is also another way of graphing and comparing amount of letters in each child’s name. White circle stickers can also be used in the same way.











Winter Animals and “The Mitten”

Children love to hear and act out “The Mitten” by Jan Brett. I love creating new things each year for my lessons and finding new ideas too! Below is a great puppet show based on one of my favorite stories, “The Mitten,” by Jan Brett. Check it out by clicking on this video!

This would also be fun to do at home with your own children. My plan is to show the above video to my students, so that they will be inspired and see that they can also help produce a video!

Here is a sweet little song about “The Mitten” that I found on YouTube. It is also a play that other Kindergarten students performed. I am amazed at how the internet can be so inspirational for new teaching methods. I can totally see my students participating in such a fun activity!

I also love the name plates that these first grade students are wearing. It is a great way to bring in text and visuals.




This is a Math Station Game called Off/ On Bears-you drop a given amount of bears and count how many land on and how many land off the mitten. This covers “decomposing” numbers and “ways to make__.” It is also a fun way to introduce addition.
















Bring back the grinch…..

I love that old grinch. He is so mean, but so kind deep down inside. Let’s not forget what he can teach us in this new year…

Have you ever encountered the shopping Grinch? The week before and after Christmas was a time that brought out the best and worst in people. Unfortunately, a Grinch sticks out like green broccoli! I was shocked when I was in Bath and Body Works and a shopper bumped into a Grinch who then proceeded to yell at this stranger-making the entire store of packed customers completely silent. Oh, it was such an uncomfortable feeling that I had, so I left the store and was inspired to find good. Why is it that those bad situations are easier to remember than the good ones? After all, that mall Grinch is what inspired me to write this….. However, if you remember Dr. Seuss’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” the story ends with the Grinch changing and seeing that Christmas is not about what we give and get, but it is about the love that is shared and it is about family and friends being together. When we focus on just the gifts of Christmas, we are at risk of becoming Grinch-like. Christmas is not about how happy a gift can make someone, but it is about figuring out how to make people feel special in a very special way.

I am sure that we all have seen good grinches, like how the Grinch became at the end of the movie. Maybe even you yourself are a Grinch turned good-I know that I am. So, can you recall at list 3 good Grinch behaviors? Here is my list: 1.The stranger that held the door open for me, at Olive Garden-until I walked all the way through, as well as three other people too! 2. My parents-instead of telling me how messy my house is, they cleaned it! 3. The person who let me into traffic, which kept me from missing my turn.

I would love to hear your list too!

Since this is my Kindergarten blog, I must mention how this applies to Kindergarten. The week before Christmas break, I read the story to my students and we discussed how presents are not the most important things. I had them take turns to tell me what they are happy for, which they always have. The answers I heard were amazing- “my mom,” “our school and food,” “the markers and books,” they said! I was so happy that they understood the lesson. However, I did have one student who told me that he went home and pretended to be the Grinch and take everyone’s toys. I am sure that his parents were real happy about that, right?!?

(So…I wrote this post before I left for the holidays and just realized I didn’t post it. So I updated it and now it is posted! I guess I will stick to writing my drafts in wordpress instead of on Microsoft Word. Then, I will be able to retrieve it virtually. Lesson learned!)

2011 in review-Every blog is a success!

My first blog writing began with this blog. I was so happy to recieve this report from wordpress. This report may not be very interesting, but to me, it is a validation that I helped someone out there in cyber land to find what they were looking for. I was also able to see how people found me online. Thank you wordpress for making my first blog a success for me and others!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,400 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 57 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.