Month: May 2014

Hands First! Fine Motor fun


UPDATE! I love this fine motor curriculum! Why?

1. First of all, it is written by specialist who work in the field with children. These ladies are not just theorists who research what may work best. They actually use these fine motor activities during Occupational Therapy sessions and they oversee teachers who are using them in their Kindergarten classrooms.

2. Next, each fine motor activity in their book is detailed, yet to the point. There is not too much reading and you can easily visualize the activity.

3. Also, beginner, intermediate and advanced activities are presented. This curriculum is perfect for helping students who may not be special education students, but who need extra fine motor help. They may not qualify for Occupational Therapy, but they need some!  On the other hand, the activities WILL benefit students who are already receiving OT services! Everyone wins!

4. The Hands First curriculum is teacher friendly and teacher tested!

5. It is kid approved and is fun for children (and teachers)!

I give it 5 out of 5 high fives!



*Disclaimer – I receive no payment for my promotion of this super duper curriculum. I met Allison, via Linkedin and she asked me to review “Hands First,” which I did. I just looooove reading new curriculums and offering my feedback, both constructive and positive. If you see recommendations on my blog, it is because I LIKE or LOVE them! It is is simple as that!


(original post – May 30, 2014)

I just received the Hands First Fine Motor Curriculum! I am so excited that their is a level 1 RTI program for fine motor skills that is aligned with the common core standards! Check out their website! Stay tuned, as I share more! Special thanks to Alison for mailing me a copy of this break through curriculum that is designed to help kindergarten age children!