Literacy and Social Studies

Making Words Letters (Student)

Making Words Letters (Teacher)

ABC’s missing letter

ABC Order

alphabet sounds

Apple Book

Monthly reflections

The Emperors Egg Story Web

The Emperors Egg Story Web small

Three Little Pigs Pictures for story web

What Do Cowboys Do

Texas book and word wall

Family portrait activity for “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”

“The Little Red Hen” retelling pictures

Pizza Pat Response to Literature Labels

Wizard of Oz sequential order

Repunzel Story Web

Rodeo Video Web

rodeo pictures

Pumpkin pie recipe


How to Mail a Letter Rubric

How to create the Texas Flag


Transportation sort by land water and air

Shelters and Landforms

SS Did people build it

Landforms and Maps

Holidays –I love to incorporate Holidays around the world into my literacy and Social Studies lessons. I have the students create several art activities, which are then placed together to make a “Christmas Around the World” keepsake book. Below are little snip-it’s of how each country celebrates Christmas and other special holidays. I usually cut out one label and add it to each child’s art paper for each country. You will find these below.

Christmas in Spain objective

Germany objective

Syria Christmas objective

Sweden Christmas

Mexico objective

Las Posadas label



Hanukkah activity and story

Christmas Around the World Timeline

Christmas Around the world cover

Christmas book label

Christmas tree triangles

Christmas Pictures of Products

Christmas Parent letter

Christmas Counting Book

Christmas banner

Take Home Reader Books-These contain CVC words

-at Word family book: MY CAT

Word Family Stories

Buzzy Bee Book

school tools book

Shape sorting book

Zoo Keeper book

Pumpkin Color and Counting book

Frog Book

Fish Counting Book title and the end label


Morning Message – Every morning for every day of Kindergarten, I start my “carpet time” with a letter to my class. I always call them  a funny name, like bears or elves or elephants! I am sure to include the sight words of the week along with previously learned ones too. Then, when the message is written, I call up the students one by one to circle a sight word that I name.

20110919-065100.jpg    20110919-065110.jpg


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