Month: August 2013

Free! Sight Word Readers


A great way to encourage daily reading at home, is to send home a “Little Reader” with your students. These Little Readers are about 5 pages each and contain sight words and word family words. These are the types of books that young children should begin reading with. Sight word and word family instruction should precede, though and then through these books, they will practice reading their recently taught and learned words.

These books will be even more meaningful to them, if you read it with them in a small group, before they take it home. Stick it inside a folder and add a “Reading Log” paper, for their parents to sign (that they listened to their child read). When all three of my children were in Kindergarten (one of them, last year) they all brought home little readers. I was able to help them with a tricky word and they were able to show off their reading skills.

Amongst all of my many projects (writing books, updating and completing the Lesson Plans section, and attending to my own Kindergarten classroom) I am creating and adding “Little Reader” books. They contain two pages on a typical 8 1/2 by 11″ page (the white printer paper size). All you have to do is print if off, cut it in half and staple together. Then, you will have a mini-binded book! Some of my previously made “Little Readers” are within the NEW Lesson Plans page of this website. I will work on moving them to here. But for now, here is the latest hot of the press Little Reader book: “He Ate Hay.”

Little Reader Library

Click on the title below, to print


Little Reader – He Ate Hay (-ay words) Sight Word focus: and, has, to, all, and, he

Little Reader – The iPad (-ad words) Sight Word focus: is, too, had, an, was, and, are



Folder Printables

Labels for Little Reader Folder

Note: “He Ate Hay” images are from either Shutterstock, Google or Bing.

Here are the other books-but they are on standard 8 1/2 x 12 paper (no need to cut-just print and staple). You can follow this link to TpT here:

First Day Catastrophe!


What is the worst thing that can happen on the first day of school? I am sure you can think of many things! I thought I would have to call a sub, because the weekend before school, I had a high fever and an infection. Well, the worst that could happen was not having to call a sub – it was being admitted to the hospital. Yep, I am the Kindergarten teacher and on my first day of school – I didn’t show up. I sit here writing from my hospital bed, frustrated that I could not control my being sick. How humbling it is! So, I will be back on the third day of school, according to my doctor.


My very yucky IV (I hate blood!) Instead, I was hoping to be at school making a first day of school “hat” with my students!


Breakfast in bed (hospital bed, that is). Had I not been here, I would have been eating my granola bar, while driving to school.


My IV meds.  I would have much rather had coffee, to revive me!


My school and principal has been so understanding. But, I can’t help but think that they think that I am trying to skip out on the 1st day of school. That’s the over-achiever in me, I guess.  So, if you end up having a bad first day of school, just think, it could be worse – you could be in the hospital (against your will!) I wish everyone else a super first day of school. Please share your first day stories!