Summer Fun!

Kids just want to have fun….during Summer time (and mom just wants to keep them busy)!

Here are my top 5 some fun things that I did with my own children….ages 5, 7 and 9. Maybe you can try some of them too, with your kids!

1. Local Field Trip – We went to the Fish Market (the fresh seafood section of our local grocery store). The kids had fun on this “free field trip.” I just bought shrimp-that they didn’t eat. Oh well, they will never forget those little fish eyes staring at them!
2. Fruit Scavenger Hunt – I told each child the fruit that I wanted them to find, gave them a plastic bag, then told them how many that I wanted. They each came back so proud! We ended up with a variety of fruit to take home…but we ended up making fruit salad. I let them use butter knives to cut the fruit.
3. Kids Grocery List – I split the grocery list three ways and it was each childs job to find the items on their list. We all stayed together during this process and they were not allowed to get anything else, than what was on their list. (The list was actually MY grocery list!)
4. Swim in the house – Yes, this sounds weird, but for some reason my kids love swimming in the bathtub. They also get a little clean in the process. I let them use their water guns and floats also.
5. Gold Rush – Randomly drop coins under furniture, cushions, in the washroom, under the towels and in the dirty clothes. Tell each child that they have to find a certain amount of money. This is good teamwork-if they are honest! Or, you can just tell them that whatever money that they find, they can keep.