Presidents Day

Presidents Day in Kindergarten

Cover of "So You Want To Be President"

Sight Words Writing Activity – I plan to use this acrostic poem format (also from enchanted learning) and have students use the word wall to record as many words as they can using the letters in the name “Washington” for inspiration.


The President’s Song PowerPoint Video-This cute rap song list important facts about Lincoln and Washington

The Money Song Video-What a great way to reiterate money value….when talking about President’s Day!

Money Poem (adapted) from the song above:

United States penny, obverse, 2002

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A penny is one,
A nickel is five,
A dime is ten and
a quarter twenty-five!

The Money Poem- Printable, Click here!

Reading Comprehension Venn Diagram – After reading “So You Want to be President” the students recalled what they learned. I wrote it down on chart paper to record their thoughts.


Student Venn Diagram – This is the independent work I had the students complete, after we did the above activity, whole group.


Social Studies- We made log cabins to commemorate Abraham Lincoln. I got the idea from where the complete instructions can be found. We previously learned about different types of homes in Social Studies and now we have one more to add to our list!

Here are the Log cabins that we made. First, the students colored small popsicle sticks with marker or crayons. I gave them small pieces of poster board for them to glue the sticks onto. Next, they colored simple clothing drawings, added a clip art image of Lincoln and glued a little hat drawing on top. Doesn’t it look like a bobble head?!?




Lincoln heads click here to print out the clipart of his head for the above activity.

Abraham Lincoln Portraits – Step 1: Glue on the pre-cut black jacket then the white triangle shirt. Step 2: Draw a head and neck. Step 3: Use flesh colored paint to paint his face-let dry. Step 4: Draw eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows. Step 5: Glue on a pre-cut rectangle hat and hat rim. Step 6: Finger paint (with your finger) his hair, beard and eyebrows.








President Writing Prompt – “If I could be President, I would……”





Presidents Day Comprehension pictures

Presidents Day Comprehension story and pictures

George Washington Portraits- The students drew a face on manila paper then cut it out and drew the face. I gave them pre-cut blue hats and jackets with a yellow square shirt. We learned that he was a general and we found a google image of him in his uniform. I cotton ball was used for the hair “wig.” The red paper is a half of a regular sized construction paper.





We wrote a letter to the president! Each word was written by a student and each one had a turn. This was a great lesson about “question” sentences!


Do you think our envelope is big enough? We wanted to make sure that
Mr. President notices it!