My students had so much fun making this mini-chicka boom boom tree. Parents sent in paper towel and toilet paper tubes. I cut out some green leaves, provided plain circle stickers for the letters and glue stick. This was within my Art Center and the students completed it in 15-20 minutes.





This is what my Word Work station is during the first six weeks of school. The letter-object-sound tubs, from Lakeshore Learning are in the Science sand & water table. My students have created so many


This is what the Word Work station looked like when I was in a neat and organized mood. Then, when the containers got put back with the objects all mixed up, I just dumped them in the sand & water table. The kids like it even better. Nice and neat is not so much fun for Kids!

This is a little bitty plate cut in half. I glued a clip art picture of a turtle, cut in half, to each side. The front of the plate has a letter T die-cut that is cut in half and placed on each side of the plate. There are plate puzzles for each letter and while the student is in the letter center, they must find the matches. I like this station because it is self-checking!


This is the pocket chart I use to rotate my students through Centers/Workstations. I move the Center tag down after 10-15 minutes, which rotates the students to their next station.


I store my little plastic letters in the box from the craft section of Wal-Mart.


This is the “Alphabet Arc” from Neahaus. They can be purchased there or at other places online. It is great for teaching phonics and 1:1 correspondence matching letters to letters.

20110919-064621.jpg  20110919-064634.jpg


  1. I absolutely love your site!!
    I am working in a K – 3 teaching position that requires a lot of adaptions and modifications. Your site and information has not only given me planning and preparing, but also inspiration and motivation. Your information and creativity has simplified daily/monthly/yearly planning in a way that is easy to read, be edited, and still remain within the standard curriculum.

    thank you again!!


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