Brown Bears and “The Bear Snores On”


After teaching about Antarctica, Penguins and Polar Bears during January-I moved on to teaching about brown bears. My students were devastated to say good-bye to the penguins, so my classroom is a mis-match of brown bears, polar bears and penguins! However, they are beginning to love these adorable brown bears too! I showed an adorable video of brown bears in Finland, via YouTube. There were bears climbing out of their den to join their mom on top. We were able to count the babies on top and on bottom. It was a great Math lesson introduction. Next, as a whole group, the children took turns to act out the video.They placed some of the bears ON the den and some of the bears IN the den. Next, in Math Stations, each child was able to make their very own bear den, complete with die-cut trees (I pre-stapled these). This is a simple brown lunch sack with 3/4 of it cut off. I crumpled it and cut out the archway, then taped it to a foam plate. The bears are counters from the classroom. When I send home the den, I will send bear die-cuts instead.



My Bear – “Look at this bear.” This sentence displays the sight words of the week that we focused on: LOOK, AT, THIS. Here, Dominic sounded out his own simple sentence next: “My bear.” I provided the shapes and each child made their own bear based on an example that I had already completed.





Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so we made a bear Valentine’s bag (for our Valentine cards)!



We viewed books and short YouTube video’s about brown bears. Then, using our sight words, each child was asked to verbalize what bears CAN do, LOOK like, and HAVE. During this activity, we also learned some new vocabulary words: fur and claws!



Math Time – This is the Bear OFF/ON Game. You simply drop a given amount of bear counters down. Then, count how many land ON the bear and how many land OFF the bear. If you had 5 to begin with and 3 landed ON and 2 landed OFF, then you could say: 3+2=5. This is a great way to introduce addition. Children love this game!



This is a Guided Reading Book, Emergent Reading Book and Sight Word Reader- all rolled into one!



Here is a cute little BEAR poem that I wrote. This is great for a Poetry station where children can read the large poem, then circle the sight words.



When we transitioned to the Forest and Brown Bears, this is one of the first activity comparisons we did- a Venn Diagram. We compared Animals and Objects in the Environment from the Forest to Antarctica. Suggestion: teach what the FOREST is before this lesson!



I never got to this, but something I wanted to do was to make classroom bear caves. How? Place blankets on top of tables and have children climb inside their pretend dens. In the story “The Bear Snores On,” all the animals ate popcorn and listened to party music-so why not do that too, right?



Colors and Shapes Power Points-Perfect for the Starboard!

Student Using an Interactive Whiteboard
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Using PowerPoints to teach young children ways to click and view items on the Interactive Whiteboard is a nice and simple way to begin your first Starboard lesson.


Click on the name below to access shapes and colors Power Points.

Things That Are Red

Color Blue

Color Green

Color Yellow

Color Orange

Color Purple

The Color Pink

Black and White power point




My Shapes

The 100th Day of School is Near!

Hip Hip Hooray – It is the 100th day of school! All of these activities rule and are really really cool! Have fun as you enjoy your favorite one!

Measuring 100 Video

Here is a wonderful video from a new online resource. It reminds me of United Streaming/Discovery Education. It also features Curious George. Enjoy!

How Do We Measure 100? : PBS LearningMedia.

Discovery and Research Activity

What was life like 100 years ago? First, calculate 100 years ago from this year (2012-100=1912)

100 Day of School PowerPoint – Life 100 years ago

* New Mexico became the 47th state and Arizona became the 48th state

* 1st parachute jump from an airplane occured

* Girl Scouts is formed!

* The electric starter was placed in the first car

* The first japanese cherry blossom tree was planted in Washington, D.C.

* The Titanic ship sinks

* The first neon advertising sign appears in Paris, France.

* The traffic light was invented

* Skee Ball was invented (1909) lke in Chuck-E-Cheese

* Electric Mixer invented (1908)

* The ice pop was invented (1905)

* The fly swatter was invented (1905)

* Electric sockets, to plug things into, was invented (1905)

* Air-conditioning (1902) was invented

* The average salary was $750 a year!

* Milk cost .32 a gallon!

* The car industry boomed as the Ford Model-T car was produced on an assembly line for $345!

Predictions of Us at 100 Years Old!


Today and 100 Years from now….

100 Years Writing Prompt

100 Days of School Activities – Free Printables!

Emergent Reader– 100 Animals – Free Printable!

100’s Charts – 4 different kinds where students write from 1-100! Free Printables!

Match the money to the number sight word– Cut and paste Money matching Number sight words

100th day of School Poem

Hello 100!

Hip Hip Hooray

I like the 100th day

This week we will say-

Hey! Hey! Hey!

It is the

one-hundredth day!

Click on this blue link to print the poem for free! 100 day of school poem


Dress like you are 100 years old!

History facts from: Facts from: and and

I had my students write and draw what they would look like at “100.” I just love a Kindergarten’s impression of “old!”


What would a Kindergartener do with $100? Here are some ideas….

20120202-183020.jpg 20120202-183158.jpg20120204-152856.jpg20120204-152910.jpg20120204-152916.jpg20120204-152925.jpg20120204-152932.jpg20120204-152945.jpg20120204-152952.jpg20120204-153000.jpg


Eye balls!

To help my kiddo’s learn to count by 5’s, I bought some creepy looking eyeballs at the dollar tree. They are 12 to a bag and just a dollar! They are just so cute and creepy and are the size of a ping pong ball! What I did was put 5 eyeballs into a ziploc bag. I am also using the eyeballs to count the number of days we have been in school. So today, we have 25 eyeballs! And I am just so funny-because I hung the bags up on my whiteboard (with magnets) and labeled it “Eye” can count by 5’s!