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Celebrate Dr. Seuss!

dr. seuss

March 2nd is a day to celebrate an amazing author’s birthday-Dr. Seuss! First, I will be taking my kids on a virtual field trip to There are great printables and games at this site! Next, I plan to start off the week with some tasty green eggs and ham!

“Green Eggs and Ham”

Cover of

Cover via Amazon


Green Eggs and Ham Activities – 3 pages of free printables that I made for to graph favorite types of eggs that children like. This is a fun activity that my children really enjoyed!

Favorite Eggs Graphing


“Egg Flipping” Math Learning Station Game! – I simply wrote numbers 1-20 on oval die-cuts and the children had to name the number and flip it with a spatula onto the paper plate. Oh, how they loved this!

Fun Classroom Snack Foods! Perhaps this will entice our children to eat green eggs and ham?!? Maybe by making the green eggs and ham more interesting, they will be more interested to eat them!



“Preposition Cat” – This simple printable has simple instructions that tell the children where to put the green eggs: over the cat, behind his back, in front, etc…


Emergent Reader Book – “Mmmm….Jam” This goes great with “Green Eggs and Ham” as it has -am rhyming words and “ham” is one of the vocabulary words in the book. I used this book in my Guided Reading group and printed out a copy for each of my students. On Friday, they took their own copy home.



“Cat in The Hat” Activities


Thing One and Thing Two are great characters to introduce the sight words “one” and “two.” We made these things with hand prints. The next day, sharpie markers were used to draw the rest of the features.




After our artwork was complete, we turned it into a writing activity. We incorporated the sight words “look,” “at,” “one,” & “two.”



Fine Motor Rhyming “Cat-Hat” – This hat started as a super large 12×18 red construction paper. Next, I drew lines onto an 8×10 size of white construction paper (8 strips will fit). I cut it in half and gave each half to a child. Each child wrote their own initial sounds/letter before the -am on the white strip. Then, they cut on the line, to cut out their 4 white strips. Finally, they glued their white strips to the red and the hat is finished! I think I made that sound way harder than it really was-sorry!



See how big it is – it’s huge – the kids loved it!


Practice Cutting with this Thing!


Printable! Thing 1 and 2 body pattern

Printable Dr. Suess Character Poem! Dr. Seuss Kindergarten Poem

Printable Reading Passport! This is way for your kiddos to keep track of the Dr. Seuss books that they have read or that you have read together as a class! Passport Stickers

Addition Printable! Simple Addition with the Cat in the Hat

Hat Printable!

Justin Bieber reads “The Cat in The Hat”

Word Family Sorting Printable!Dr. Seuss Word family sorting



A Week’s Worth of Dr. Seuss Lesson Plans – Compliments of GBK! Enjoy!

Monday – Listen to Justin Bieber read “The Cat In The Hat.” Discuss rhyming words in the story. As a class, make a list of sentences about the cat and his hat, that contain color words, like: “The black cat has a red and white hat.” “His hat is red and white.” Student’s will then make a cat’s hat and on each stripe, write their own sentences.

Tuesday – Listen to Tim Tebow read “Green Eggs and Ham.” Listen to the green eggs and ham rap and sing along. Discuss the beginning, middle and end of the story and how the main character changed his mind. Make a concept web or graph about different ways to make eggs (scrambled, poached, over-easy, boiled). Students vote thier favorite type of eggs. Make pretend “green eggs” with shaving cream and food coloring -or- trace the white part of an egg and paint a green circle center. Students will then write a sentence about green eggs and ham: “I do not like green eggs and ham,” or “I like green eggs and ham.”

Wednesday – Read “Hop on Pop” and answer yes/no questions about several illustrations in the book….Is the pup up? Is the pup in? Can you hop? Next, the students will independently complete the “yes” and “no” sight word question sheet from the seussville website.

Thursday – Read “Horton Hears a Who” and learn about how everyone is important, no matter their size.

Friday – 1. View “The Lorax” movie trailer and then read the story. Discuss the purpose of the story (conservation-trees) and make a concept web about what we learned. Make a Lorax face with orange construction paper cut-outs of the moustache and eyebrows. Write a summary about the story using complete sentences. 2. Create “Thing 1 and Thing 2” shirts but with numbers counting by 2’s or 5’s. Create blue hair by gluing blue construction paper pieces to a sentence strip.

“The Lorax”



Printable! Scan – Lorax face pieces

Printable! Scan – Truffala trees pattern (The Lorax) – also hair pattern for Thing 1 and 2



“Fox in Sox” Activities

fox in sox

Rhyming Words, Concept Web -ox


After we decided words that do and do not rhyme with “fox,” each child created their own fox with pre-cut shapes. Then, they drew the eyes, nose and mouth and wrote a sentence about their fox. I showed them how to snip a green sentence strip to look like grass, for an added “cute-ness” touch!


The fox ran away.


Some students were working on /wh/ questions answering /what?/ so we tied in the fox and the forest into our Dr. Seuss lessons. What lives in the forest? Foxes do!


Preposition Foxes – My class was having trouble learning prepositions, so for a Math Station and small teacher led group, I had them follow my instruction to put the fox “under the sock,” “in front of the sock,” etc….. Later in the week, I actually remembered to bring real socks to class and we played the game with real socks and plastic bears.



Funny Fox Poem

A Fox in Socks is funny, right? So, here is a Pocket Chart poem that I created to go along with the story. This was a great activity that reinforced sight word reading. The children loved reading the words together and they really loved telling me how we could draw funny faces onto the animals to make them look more funny!


“Read Across America” Day – It is true….the teachers get way more dressed up than the kids. There is no denying it! Here is our crew of “fox in socks!” Don’t you just love our paper outfits and paper masks?!!! I think I must be obsessed with paper!


And here is our adorable class dressed as fox in sox. Look we also have a fox in “box!”


During “Read Across America” week, our school made posters to hang in local businesses to promote reading. Since we have been reading about hats, this is our poster. It will be hanging in the hat store! How cool is that!


I have not even read the “One Fish, Two Fish” book to my class this year yet, but these are some things I have made. My kids have already been using them and enjoying them too!

“Ways to Show 6” using the Ten Frame – I have it in a page protector for the students to practice with.


“Fish Bowl Ten Frames” made with construction paper die-cuts and ten frames printed from Microsoft Word









Presidents Day in Kindergarten

Cover of "So You Want To Be President"

Sight Words Writing Activity – I plan to use this acrostic poem format (also from enchanted learning) and have students use the word wall to record as many words as they can using the letters in the name “Washington” for inspiration.


The President’s Song PowerPoint Video-This cute rap song list important facts about Lincoln and Washington

The Money Song Video-What a great way to reiterate money value….when talking about President’s Day!

Money Poem (adapted) from the song above:

United States penny, obverse, 2002

Image via Wikipedia



A penny is one,
A nickel is five,
A dime is ten and
a quarter twenty-five!

The Money Poem- Printable, Click here!

Reading Comprehension Venn Diagram – After reading “So You Want to be President” the students recalled what they learned. I wrote it down on chart paper to record their thoughts.


Student Venn Diagram – This is the independent work I had the students complete, after we did the above activity, whole group.


Social Studies- We made log cabins to commemorate Abraham Lincoln. I got the idea from where the complete instructions can be found. We previously learned about different types of homes in Social Studies and now we have one more to add to our list!

Here are the Log cabins that we made. First, the students colored small popsicle sticks with marker or crayons. I gave them small pieces of poster board for them to glue the sticks onto. Next, they colored simple clothing drawings, added a clip art image of Lincoln and glued a little hat drawing on top. Doesn’t it look like a bobble head?!?




Lincoln heads click here to print out the clipart of his head for the above activity.

Abraham Lincoln Portraits – Step 1: Glue on the pre-cut black jacket then the white triangle shirt. Step 2: Draw a head and neck. Step 3: Use flesh colored paint to paint his face-let dry. Step 4: Draw eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows. Step 5: Glue on a pre-cut rectangle hat and hat rim. Step 6: Finger paint (with your finger) his hair, beard and eyebrows.








President Writing Prompt – “If I could be President, I would……”





Presidents Day Comprehension pictures

Presidents Day Comprehension story and pictures

George Washington Portraits- The students drew a face on manila paper then cut it out and drew the face. I gave them pre-cut blue hats and jackets with a yellow square shirt. We learned that he was a general and we found a google image of him in his uniform. I cotton ball was used for the hair “wig.” The red paper is a half of a regular sized construction paper.





We wrote a letter to the president! Each word was written by a student and each one had a turn. This was a great lesson about “question” sentences!


Do you think our envelope is big enough? We wanted to make sure that
Mr. President notices it!



Parent Communication Notes from the Child…not the teacher!

I love this….As I was wasting time on the internet, when I should have been putting the kids to bed, I found this sweet little communication note from a smart lady named Amy. I just love being able to search the internet for what I need. I am in the process of ridding myself of files and files of worksheets. Instead, I am putting all of the things I love onto this website/blog of mine.

Click on the link here to print the full size version:©LivingLocurto.jpg

Angry Birds Activities in the Classroom

Seriously- we can learn alot from angry birds. I call it “meet the children where they are at”! Those angry birds are cute, daring, imagninative and angry….just like some of our children. My four year old absolutely loves these birds, so I decided to search for inspiration and bring these fluffy balls into my classroom too! As Easter is fast approaching, I am sure to find a way to bring these birds and their eggs into the holiday theme somehow!

Art Activity – Painting plates (idea found at squidoo) After painting these plates, have the children match the bird to the color word.

Writing Activity with Stickers

Printables! An amazing and smart lady at 1+1+1 created these!

Math- Pig and bird sorting- Click below to print for free (yeah-I love free!)


The printables above were found at:

Angry Sight Words Sentence Mix-up and Re-build it Activity!


Follow this link to print it for FREE!


Click to print:

Emergent Reader Sight Word Book


Click to print page 1: Click here to print page 2:

Block Center Idea! (from Digital Kindergarten)

Counting Angry Birds (created by:

I found this link where you can print out faces for each angry bird. It is a balloon template, but I plan on using it to make party favor bags for my sons 4th birthday party. Here’s the link:



Take Home Sight Word Book-Here the kids color the birds according to the color sight word on each page.


Click here to print: Take Home Reader Book – I Like Angry Birds

Real Birds vs. Angry Birds Sorting Activity


Printable! Click here: Angry Birds – Sort Real and Not Real Animals and birds

Comparing an Angry Bird to a Cardinal – Whole Group Activity: My class really enjoyed thinking about these birds and comparing them to each other.


I have also created a Birds! Birds! Birds! WebQuest. Just click over to the WebQuest tab, to find it along with more information about WebQuests!



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Other Articles on Angry Birds in the Classroom:

Anger Managament Lessons and Printables:


Valentines Day Crafts, Games and Activities


Let the Valentine’s Day Games begin…again! I just love holidays in Kindergarten. They can be a bit stressful because there is some pre-planning and shopping involved as well as calling in the cavalry of parents and organizing everyone so that the week and the party run smoothly and most of all is FUN! Everyone should have fun-the children, the teacher and the parents involved. No one should get stressed out at all! So is you are reading this best, rest assured-I will not allow you to get stressed out! I promise! Read on and see for yourself. I will show you step-by-step how I made my party fun (with the help of parents of course-because I am not a superhero!) I am looking forward to doing so again this year!!!!!

Several years ago…this is what I wrote….”Oh my goodness- Valentines Day is next week and I haven’t even planned the party yet! So, what’s a teacher to do after deciding to not just do the same thing that I did last year? Me-I searched the internet and Pinterest, of course, and found some amazing inspirations for crafts, games and activities! Here they are! Enjoy all the free stuff! Just click and print. If you like it, share with another parent or teacher or leave me a comment-it would just make my day!”

…It is the day before Valentine’s Day. Honestly, I have enjoyed this holiday more than Christmas! We made our card baggies, I made the heart puzzles and hershey kiss game. I printed out the Conversation Heart Bingo and had it laminated. I plan to add the final touch to my classroom by adding pink and red butcher paper table coverings with heart die-cuts sprinkled on top. My “plan” is to do this before school, so that the students can write Valentine messages on their tables to show off their writing skills to each other and to any visitors that my come by. Send me some good vibes that I can get this done….and Happy Valentines Day!”

Valentine Card Bags (from: mrsleeskinderkids) This is my inspiration.

These are the party bags my class made on Friday. I showed my students how to fold small pieces of paper and draw a half a heart, so they could cut out their own hearts. They had so much fun making these card holder bags. Aren’t they cute?!! I think they look just as cute on brown lunch bags (this kept me from having to buy the white ones, which are very hard to find at stores, days before the big V-day). I like saving money!

20120211-111510.jpg 20120211-111525.jpg

Parent Letter to ask for Learning Station materials and Party items Parent Valentine letter

Color by Letter-Free Printable! The cupid printable below can be printed by clicking here:

Color by Sight Word! Free Printable! Just click here: follow this link then click the BLUE download button. You do have to enter your e-mail address.

Teacher Valentine Gift to my Students

Ok, this is my idea-now I have to make it come to pass. My plan is to cut out heart puzzles from red and pink poster board. Then I will cut the heart into a puzzle, put into a ziploc bag and then label it: “I love you to pieces! Love, your teacher!” This will be special, fun, inexpensive and memorable. Now, I have to do it. I will post a picture when I do….I have less than 5 days to go…. Here is a picture of this puzzle made on construction paper ( Keep scrolling down to see the one I made after all this inspiration!

I just found a link online, where you can print out a heart-shaped puzzle that says, “I love you.” You can also customize it for free to say what you want it to say. Here is the link: Printable Heart-Shaped Puzzles

Here are the Puzzles that I actually made…. I bought 3 hot pink poster boards at Wal-Mart @ .77 each. I was able to draw 6 hearts on each one. Then I randomly cut each heart into a puzzle then placed it in a ziploc bag. Next, I printed out the label. You just fold it lengthwise and staple. I think this is the inexpensive way to go!

20120212-204033.jpg 20120212-204054.jpg 20120212-204107.jpg

20120212-204221.jpg 20120212-204101.jpg 20120213-173627.jpg

Ziploc Bag label-I LOVE YOU TO PIECES

Hand-made Valentine Heart cards for Parents – I bought a 24 pack of 8″ doilies at Dollar Tree for $1. I showed my students how to cut out a folded paper to make a heart. Then I gave them a white doilie and tissue paper squares along with glitter. The rule was: write a Valentine message to get your glitter. Kindergarteners love glitter, I must say!


Conversation Heart Writing Station– I cut these hearts out of pastel tag-board paper and wrote simple sentences that contained our sight words. Under the document camera/projector, we looked at real conversation heart candies and noticed how they had words on them and not sentences. I then gave the students pink die-cut hearts (a whole basket full) so they could write their own Valentines for anyone that they wanted to. It was so cute to see several boys race to write as many as they could. They made some for me and for their friends in our class and other Kindergarten classes. Love and friendship is in the air!


Heart Concept Web – After reading several books and viewing short movie clips on Discovery Education video’s, the students took turns telling me what they learned about Valentines Day. I use a large piece of butcher paper for this. This is a great way to see if they remember what was just taught. Any time I have students dictate their words to me, I write down their words and then put their name in parenthesis. Then, later the students are able to write what they said.


Love Poem for Mom: Poetry Station – This is a little poem I wrote because I would rather think of a short and simple poem instead of searching the internet for half an hour to find a short, Kindergarten friendly poem. As a class, we took turns using a highlighter to color the sight words. In the Poetry station, the students grab a mini-poem and do the same thing, then paste it in their poetry notebook journal. Next, they decorate it with hearts. Love Poem Printable- Free Click here Here is a poem I wrote, entitled “Cupid.” Click to print: Cupid Poem


Sight Word Matching Game: Word Work Station – I bought these cute little plastic heart-shaped boxes from Dollar Tree (10-12 to a pack). I write one sight word in the inside of the box and the same word on the top of the matching lid. Before placing these into the Word Work Station, I introduced the activity whole group by passing out two to each student. They had to find their matching word partner and then sit down. They loved it!


Iphone/Ipod Valentines – (from:

iPhone Valentine - Free Printable

These are so cute and smart looking. They are made with a free printable from: and it is then wrapped around a mini-box of conversation hearts. It is a larger file and takes some loading time.

Heart Subtraction/Addition – Here is my inspiration….The students roll a dice and count the dots, then they roll another dice that has + and – on it. By rolling +3 they add three blocks to the heart. By rolling -2 they subtract 2. The first one to fill up their heart, wins!

Hershey Kiss Addition and Subtraction Game – This is what I made. Look at the cute Hershey kiss flag! I drew a hershey kiss on gray construction paper then drew 10 circles and added the flag label. I used a foam block to make the dice and used a snap cube and a Sharpie to add the + and – sign to each side.



Cupids Arrow Party Game

“Basically what you do is you set {heart-shaped if you have them} bowls across the room and place some tape on the floor so the kids will know where to stand. The kids then load their “arrows” (straws) with a Q-tip one at a time and blow them out, aiming for the bowl across the room. The team or person with the most Q-tips in the bowl at the end of the time is the winner!” This super idea from: *Suggestion from a reader-Please be careful that children do not suck in the q-tip! Also, children must not share straws!

Valentine Party Station Games – A New Twist on the Traditional “Valentine’s Party”

My school gave us an hour time frame for our party. I got this great idea of rotating students through these activities from a former room mom, Mrs. Hollyday. Although I was skeptical at first, she showed me how to pre-plan and assign a parent to each station. It worked so well and I got so many compliments from visiting parents. I think it just makes the party more exciting, compared to doing everything whole group. So, my stations were: 1. Cupid’s Arrow 2. Hershey Kiss Subtraction/Addition 3. Conversation Heart BINGO 4. Picture Frame Craft 5. Craft #2 (I had a parent bring in a surprise craft-butterfly hearts).

Here are the direction signs for each station: Valentine Party Station Games


I added large butcher paper-cut hearts to each table. The morning of the party, the students wrote their own messages on them!

This is the Cupid Game that I created. My students played this game at the Valentines party (with a parent to help assist-whew!). They liked it so much that I made it be a Math learning station for the remainder of the week. So, I decided not to use the straw and q-tip idea from above (germs!). The kids loved this so much! I used pipe cleaner arrows and the students had 5 turns in a row to aim and fire. The Parent in charge of the game, had a sticky note with each child’s name on it, to record their score. They were able to compare numbers to see who had the largest number. Yes, some of the children were competitive, but the adults just reiterated that this is just for fun!




Conversation Heart BINGO – I like this blank template because each year the conversation heart candies have new messages. I think I saw one that says “text me.” That didn’t exist when I was a kid! I plan to dump out my bag of parent donated hearts, read the messages and then write them into the BINGO boards. (Update: I have these printed…yeah! I am making progress!)

FREE Printable Conversation Heart Bingo

Print this for free from this site:

Here is the Conversation Heart BINGO game. I printed and laminated them.




PICTURE FRAME STATION – These were made by putting foam stickers onto little red framing mats.


Below are some other fun activities we did before Valentines Day

These ladybugs and flamingo’s (made from heart shapes) turned out so cute! I found the free printable at enchanted learning. The children colored and cut out hearts, very carefully and meticulously!


Valentine Cards Alternative – I have 3 children of my own (ages 6, 8 and 11) and I want them to be able to take a special treat along with Valentine cards to their classmates. However, I do not want to bake or buy cookies or cupcakes. I don not want to buy erasers or bubbles either, because all of those cute and sweet little things add up to big bucks for 3 children! So, this year, we (well, my and my daughter-because my boys could really care less!) decided to make a “Treat bag Valentine Card” combination.


Print out the heart label above. There are a few variations on 2 pages: Valentine Smore Cards

Shopping List for the above “Valentine Card Alternative”


Target Brand Graham crackers: $1.70, Marshmallow’s .99/bag @ Target, Hershey’s Mini Nugget Chocolate’s $2.96 @ Target, Heart Decorated Mini-Ziploc Bags $1.00 @ Dollar Tree/50 count.

For you Mathematicians, here are some more logistics…1. Each Graham Cracker Box= 18 rectangle crackers 2. Each bag of chocolates-33 pieces 3. There are 40 Marshmallows in each bag (So, for my 3 children, with 20 children in each of their classes, I was able to make 60 Valentine card bags by purchasing 2 marshmallow bags, 2 ziploc bag packages, 2 bags of chocolate and 3 boxes of graham crackers for about $15-wow! So, it was a card and treat in one! My daughter is so excited!

This is a visual that I use to help my Special Needs students. It also helps everyone, honestly! I put a heart die-cut on our class calendar to show students WHEN the party is. Each time they ask, I point to the calendar! During the calendar, we count down how many days until the party! I use this visual strategy for anything different or any important event that will be occuring.


MATH Station- I found heart shaped jewels at Dollar Tree (50 for $1.00) My children love these. First, we counted them! Then, we used these ten frames from TpT:



There is more to come…stay tuned!!!!!20140211-055002.jpg20140213-125510.jpg20140213-125517.jpg20140213-125622.jpg20140219-090111.jpg20140218-182329.jpg20140218-182309.jpg