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Many of the documents on this page correlate with the Texas and Klein ISD learning standards. This is simply by “data-base” collection of assessment and learning papers that I use in the classroom. Some of these items were made by other amazing teachers! Most everything I have made has been inspired by other great educators!

10 Signs of a Good Kindergarten Classroom

Social Studies

Landforms test

Did people build it Sort

Social Studies Major Grade1

Social Studies Major Grade2

Social Studies map grade

Land_Forms powerpoint

Landforms and Maps powerpoint

Social Studies Now and Long Ago powerpoint

Summer Safety Social Studies Test

Social Studies Major Grade-Texas

Transportation sort by land water and air

Transportation Major Grade


Magnet Mystery

Solid, liquid, gas

SCIENCE- solid, liquid, gas

Science Test tools

Science Tools

Seasons Test

Magnets Assessment

Magnets sort

Tools to measure weather

Seasons – Repeating Patterns of Seasons

Animals insect people parts sorting


Reading & Language Arts

an Words Major Grade Name

Word family sort ug ig

Word Family Writing missing letter -ug -ig


ELA Major Grade letter sounds and sight words1

ELA Major Grade1

Guided Reading Parent Information

Language Test-blending sounds

Language Test-deleting initial sounds

letter dictation test

My friend is (predictable chart sentence stem)

My name is (predictable chart sentence)

sight word reading test 1st 9 weeks

sight word sort for t-chart

sight word sort2 for t-chart

Kindergarten Sight Words for the year list

Kindergarten Curriculum Time Line 2010-11

Skill Sticker Awards

Text Leveling Correlations

Dyslexia article

My Little Word Wall

Guided Reading Panda book with big and little





sight word flash cards

Language Test-deleting initial sounds

Language Test-blending sounds

sight word sort2 for t-chart



  1. I was wondering if my co-worker and I could use some of your clip art for our summer school curriculum (We would give you credit of course.)


  2. Such a lovely website. I have never come across such detailed website from a school. Keep it up!! Great job and very useful for parents and teachers.


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