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Polar Bear Lesson Activities and Adorable Fluffly Video’s!

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Cover of The Three Snow Bears

During the month of January we have been exploring Antarctica in our sweet Kindergarten classroom. Now, we are learning about Polar Bears and eskimoes. “The Three Snow Bears” by Jan Brett is a great foundation to teach about both. It is a beautiful story that reminds me of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but in the Arctic region and with polar bears. After hours of online research (while multi-tasking and cooking dinner, talking on the phone and watching the news) I have found so many great craft ideas and already made video’s from research that other smart people have made. I love being able to find exactly what I need on the internet. I have credited others ideas with thier website being posted below images. Enjoy! I hope you can find something useful here, for your classroom too!

Here is a video showing how real eskimoes build real igloos…

Can you saw “awwww!” Here are some beautiful bears in action

Polar Bear Fast facts:

* Polar Bears usually give birth to twin bear cubs.

* Moms give birth to their cubs in Winter.

* Polar bears like to swim and can swim up to 100 miles!

* An adult polar bear is between 7-8 feet long.

* Moms create dens to live in, which are under the snow.

* Their skin is black.

* They eat seals.

[fast facts from: http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals/polar-bear/] More facts, video’s and pictures of polar bears can be found at: http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids/animals/creaturefeature/polar-bear/

Polar Bear Craft 1

Step-by-step directions of how to make a bear using an old cd is at this next site. Instead of fake white fur, I will use ear cut-outs, cotton balls and wiggly eyes. I think using cd’s (if you have them on hand) is a great way to be “green.”


Igloo Paper Craft


Polar Bear Circle Craft – I drew out large and medium sized circles and the students cut them out and glued them together. This is the craft that I decided to place in the Poetry Station for students to create when finished with their poem.


Peotry Workstation – I always like to place a craft that focuses on the poem and brings it to life. I think these type of fun crafts are more appropriate for Centers than they are for whole group instruction. Kindergarteners are very independent and when in Centers, with a partner, they can help one another if they forget the next step. I also include a little cut out of the poem for each student to place in thier poetry notebook/folder and explain for them to illustrate thier poem as well. Hanging an example/model of the polar bear is also a good idea! Poem words from www.mrs.jonesroom.com


Student written poem inspired by the Poetry Station (My daughter in first grade, wrote this after school one day)


Polar Bear Writing – Turn a regular rectangle writing paper into a bear!



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