Kindergarten Common Core Lesson Plans -ALL 10 Months Completed!


The 2014 Green Bean Kindergarten Curriculum Overview is Complete! Month 1-10 Lesson Plans are now updated, completed and now Aligned with the Common Core State Standards! I have designed these to be used as Public, Private or for Home School use! They are unique because they are created by me, a Kindergarten teacher and Curriculum Writer. They are based on how I have taught and still teach in the Kindergarten classroom- which is standards-based, as well as developmental-based. I have also weaved some Montessori methods into the construction of the order of teaching letters and sounds.

Since the emergence of the Common Core State Standards, I have re-vamped the Lesson Plans and made them better. I’ve caught errors and I ended up taking 2 years to complete the alignment of the first 8 months of school. So I have made them available on TpT. Each month can be downloaded by month or in a bundle, below. Just click on the link and it will take you to the TpT greenbeankindergarten little shop of mine! (However, the non-CCSS Lesson Plans of mine for Month 1-4 are still here on my blog for FREE. I never could find my jump drives with the other months, which makes me so sad. This is why I started placing my things on my blog and Tpt-since I lose jump drives so easily!) Month 8 Lesson Plans is a full month of Dr. Seuss themed lesson plans of Literacy, Math, Social Studies and; Science!!!!!!! Month 9 Lesson Plan Bundle (great for April) has great insect and animal activities weaved into each Literacy, Math, Science and Social Studies lesson.


Month 1


Month 2


Month 3


Month 4


Month 5


Month 12345 Bundle


Month 6


Month 7

dr seuss sitting added February 23, 2014!!!!

Month 8

hopping-bunny added March 13, 2014!!!!

Month 9


Month 10

Here is a FREE sample of the newly designed Common Core Aligned Lesson Plans for the Green Bean Kindergarten Curriculum. Month 5 Week 1 Sample lesson for GBK post


    1. Hi,
      Thank you for asking. Month 1-5 is bundled together and discounted by 7.96 for you.That bundle is 39.99, but if you buy each month (1-5) separately, it would add up to 47.95. Once I have month 9 and 10 completed and uploaded to my lil’ shop, I will also create a bundle for months 6-10, which will have a savings by purchasing the bundle. Sorry I can’t offer more than that-b/c TpT already gets commission off of what I sell. -Andrea


      1. Thank you! So it sounds like I should wait for the second bundle J or will there be one big bundle with them all when you are done with 9 and 10?


    1. Hi Sherri,
      Thank you! Some names that pop out for first grade are: The first grade parade & The Moffat girls. A great way to find awesome teacher by grade level is also to look on teachers pay teachers and do a search by subject and grade level. I hope that helps! Happy teaching! -Andrea


  1. Where do I purchase the bundle at? Do you have a complete school year that is a bundle or just by semester?
    Also, is this a complete curriculum for a kindergartener? My daughter is starting kindergarten and I have several curriculums that I have pieced together that I like, but its so hard to get a daily, weekly and monthly plan like that. So I need something that is set and I can supplement with the other if needed. Thanks so much!!


    1. Here is the link for the full curriculum.

      You can also check out the reviews from others at TpT. It is a complete curriculum that is Common Core aligned to the Math, Reading and Language Arts learning standards. You will find a monthly scope and sequence and then a weekly lesson plan as well. Each month and weekly format and lesson plans are broken down into a concise format, so there are not extremely detailed daily plans for each daily lesson. Printables are included, as well as books. What you will not find is tons of worksheets. This curriculum encourages the use of hands on manipulatives for math. Lessons are complemented with technology in the science and social studies strand. I hope I pasted that link to TpT correctly (as I am resounding to your rely from my phone! -just let me know if it doesn’t click open) -Andrea


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