What do you miss about being a child?

Child 1

Image by Tony Trần via Flickr

What was your favorite thing about childhood? I recall catching fireflies, making mudpies, spinning on the tire swing, the smell of fresh cut crass and making forts inside with my older brother. Even though we are adults now, that child is still deep down inside of us, just beggin to have fun!

If you haven’t felt like a kid in awhile, just read the attached list and pick something. The suggestions do not involve money or planning. I promise, you will have fun-and, you will feel like a kid again. So, go out and feed some ducks, play in the rain or pick any of the 48 other ideas. Recently on Linkedin, I met a new author, Helena Harper. She created a list of 50 ways to discover your inner child. Thank you Helena for sharing your ideas that are both simple and fun!



  1. This blog post captures the essence of a child, Andrea, with it shortness, sweetness and simplicity – and I am honoured that my list of “50 Ways to Rediscover Your Inner Child” served as your inspiration. You are so right when you say that the child is still deep within us ‘just begging to have fun’ and we need to listen to it more often! If my list helps you or anyone else to do this, then it was well worth writing! 🙂 🙂

    “Smile more, laugh more, be a child more!”



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