Kindergarten special education

Special Education Visuals!

I am once again sharing these charts that I used with some students who benefitted greatly from the visuals. They needed visuals, to help them process the verbal directions that were being given in the school setting. The extra-abilities that they live with are: Autism, ADHD, Down’s Syndrome, PDD, Cerebal Palsy and other multiple cognitive disabilities. A few parents used these visuals at home and they reported that they enjoyed using them there.

When using a visual, the child learns not to “defy,” argue or throw a tantrum with a picture or visual. They learn to comply, because the picture said so.

To assist my students, I have made a handful of visuals that have been successful. Here they are: If I have the link below the picture, then I have the printable available. If not…I’m so sorry, but it is floating around on a jump drive somewhere that I have to locate!


Time Out Corner


Time Out Chart


Here is the link to my FREE time out chart: click here

















Visual Directions – Click here for the printable link





Adaptive Reading Book “Where Am I”– Click here for the link

This is an interactive Adaptive Book answering /wh/ questions- “Where?” I created this book to teach and assess comprehension skills of stories. The question asked is: Where am I? Various answer choices are: bedroom, bathroom, Pizza Hut, shoe store, grocery store, etc…..



Adaptive Reading Book  “What Is It?”- Click here for the the link

I designed this book (as a special request from another super-star teacher). It is modeled after my other WH question adaptive books: “WHO am I?” and “WHERE am I?” already available for download on my TpT shop. I made these books for my students with autism (one non-verbal and one with limited comprehension skills). They are working wonders! My other students love them as well….there is just something about velcro!

This is also a great “cold read” book to use to have your student read and answer the questions on his own to see if he is comprehending what he reads.


How to Make and Use this Book –

1. Print on Card Stock Paper.
2. Laminate.
3. Hole Punch each page, then place them in a 1-1 ½ inch binder.
4. Place the question page and the answer page [top to bottom] so that when the child reads the page, he can see both pages at the same time.
5. The “adaptable” part of this book can be utilized by cutting out the 3 answer choice pictures for each question. (Laminate these also, then attach Velcro to the back).
6. Attach Velcro to the inside of the empty box on the “question” page. This is for placing the “answer” picture.




Special Education in Kindergarten…Curriculum, Easy Readers and Lesson Plans Galore!


Introducing my Kindergarten Special Education Lesson Plans!!!!! These plans are also Common Core state standards aligned and they are developmentally appropriate for special needs children ages 5-7. I created these lesson plans last year, while teaching Kindergarten Special Education. I had 9 students ranging in various exceptionalities such as: Autism, Downs Syndrome, developmental delays, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, and ADD. Although these plans are standards-based, I also show teachers how to organize Learning Stations for Math and Literacy and teach small whole group lessons as well. The full curriculum is 210 pages long, which I have also bundled together.

For a limited time, I would like to give you a FREE week of these Special Ed Kindergarten plans! You can download it here:

K SpEd LP image

Kinder Special Education FULL YEAR Lesson Plan Bundle:

K SpEd Full Year Info

Easy Reader Books that come with the bundle!

K SpEd Book Bundle Cover

All of my huge bundles (in PDF and zip files) are on TpT. However, if I made available a paypal store, here on my website, would you rather download/buy from my website? Or, is TpT sufficient? It’s just an idea that I am rolling around in my head. I’d love your feedback. Thanks! “Summer is not over yet!” -Andrea