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Special Education in Kindergarten…Curriculum, Easy Readers and Lesson Plans Galore!


Introducing my Kindergarten Special Education Lesson Plans!!!!! These plans are also Common Core state standards aligned and they are developmentally appropriate for special needs children ages 5-7. I created these lesson plans last year, while teaching Kindergarten Special Education. I had 9 students ranging in various exceptionalities such as: Autism, Downs Syndrome, developmental delays, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, and ADD. Although these plans are standards-based, I also show teachers how to organize Learning Stations for Math and Literacy and teach small whole group lessons as well. The full curriculum is 210 pages long, which I have also bundled together.

For a limited time, I would like to give you a FREE week of these Special Ed Kindergarten plans! You can download it here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Kindergarten-Special-Ed-FULL-WEEK-of-Lesson-Plans-or-Sub-Plans-by-GBK-1006586

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Kinder Special Education FULL YEAR Lesson Plan Bundle:


K SpEd Full Year Info

Easy Reader Books that come with the bundle!

K SpEd Book Bundle Cover

All of my huge bundles (in PDF and zip files) are on TpT. However, if I made available a paypal store, here on my website, would you rather download/buy from my website? Or, is TpT sufficient? It’s just an idea that I am rolling around in my head. I’d love your feedback. Thanks! “Summer is not over yet!” -Andrea


Read With ME! Guided Reading and Emergent Reader Books

If you are lucky, you will have your own set of Emergent Reader or Guided Reading books in your classroom. If not, your school or grade level or hallway may have a book room that has leveled books for you to check out and bring to your classroom. From experience, checking out these books, day to day and week to week can get cumbersome. However, guided reading and small group instruction is so so important in Kindergarten.

So, I specially made these books based on the sight words and rhyming words that we were learning or had already learned. These sweet little books truly help our young readers learn to read with confidence, as they feature sight words and rhyming words. Parents love them too, because they simply cannot be found in stores. These books are special to children because it comes from the teacher-and they can keep it!

Enjoy a FREE Emergent Reader book, called “The iPad” by clicking the link below:


Here is What is in this set of 12 Books:

Book 1- “Mmmm…Jam” (-am Words) Sight Words: is, and, like,

Book 2- “My Cat” (-at Words) Sight Words: like, my, she, has,

Book 3- “Stan Can” (-an Words) Sight Words: ran, can, and

Book 4- “The Pup” (-up Words) Sight Words: is, up, my, has, he,
not, like

Book 5- “Presley the Pig” (-ig Words) Sight Words: can, see,
play, this, is

Book 6- “Hot, Hot, Hot!” (-ot Words) Sight Words: my, said, this, is

Book 7- “The iPad” (-ad Words) Sight Words: the, too, had, an,
was, it, are

Book 8- “He Ate Hay” (-ay Words) Sight Words: he, ate, and, too,
they, all

Book 9- “My Pet is Wet” (-et Words) Sight Words: is, my, why,
this, no, he, not

Book 10- “The Yellow Sun” (-un Words) Sight Words: she, can, in,
the, run, he, they, see, play, too

Book 11- “Penguin Pip” (-ip Words) Sight Words: not, can, do,
here, go

Book 12- “Bill and Will” (-ill Words) Sight Words: and, they, went,
up, the, this, is, are, why, be

Get the Full set of 12 books HERE: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/12-Kindergarten-Emergent-Reader-Books-from-Green-Bean-Kindergarten-1065076

Suggestion: Place the book on the left side of a pocket folder, with a reading log on the right side (I found these FREE reading logs on TpT!). Each time you read a new “Emergent Reader” with your students or small group, then send it home in this folder, along with the note explaining what an emergent reader is.



Here are the “My Reading Folder” labels for FREE: Reading Folder labels