guided reading book

Guided Reading Made Easy

The purpose of Guided Reading is to teach and re-teach Reading to a small group of students, based on their current level of learning. It also is an opportunity to teach new skills a little bit above thier learning level, in order to challenge them and teach new reading skills. For Kindergarten, some of the skills that can be taught are: beginning sounds of words, sight word discovery, letter discovery, noticing capital letters and end marks along with spaces between words, finding words with long or short vowels, counting words in sentences, identifying characters and setting, recalling what happened in each part of the story, retelling the story, contractions, silent e, word chunks, and many more.

Guided Reading takes much preparation. Gathering the materials and books before the lesson ensures that no time is wasted. Here is a simple lesson plan and all the materials needed for a guided reading group. The lesson attached to the link below can be used to teach letters and sounds along with sight word discovery. I plan to use this lesson for my students who do not yet know all of thier letters and sounds and know some sight words. This lesson will help them to gain confidence in reading as they touch and read the sentence.

Kindergarten Guided Reading with -am words -is-and-like