A blog is like a log? Do you agree?

Log of a Spruce tree on end showing ring detai...

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What is a blog, anyway? Have you ever tried to explain it or personify a blog to someone? I suggest using my log illustration. A log was once a tree, but now it is exposed and about to do something more. It might just roll or it may be turned into paper, firewood or structures for a home. All of these are great uses, as long as the log is changing and becoming better. A log is just a log, that may be sat upon. But, it can do so much more than just be! In comparison, a blog was once a thought or idea in someone’s head (either spoken or unspoken). Now, it is a written thought (not just in an e-mail)…and those words might as well be written in blood, because what is online stays online, right? So, this blog is nice, but it is kind of like a log when it is not being used or read. Just being in cyberworld is not special enough. For this blog to be more, it needs others to intervene. The blog must have visitors, subscribers, group members and friends. When this begins, the blog is like a book-it is shared and used. But, the blog must be more than a book to thrive. A book can be closed and put on a shelf to gather dust. To prevent this devastation happening to a blog, the owner must add content often (2-3times/week, according to Ann Handley & C.C. Chapman in their book, Content Rules). When content is added often, then a unique and visual structure is being engineered. However, the key is to keep building and becoming more amazing. So is your blog just a log right now? What stage is your blog in?


  1. How kind of you to include a reference and lovely comment about my post – Thank You! I love your log analogy, and also what you’re up to on this fabulous blog! My Mom was a primary school teacher for years and years. She would definitely approve 😀


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