7 Classroom Steals for Under 10 Dollars!!!

I was so excited to find each of these items for a dollar:

1. Lesson plan book at Target
2. Grade book at Target (both at the dollar aisle)
3. Pointers that look like a white gloved hand at Dollar Tree
4. Mini-chalkboard signs at Michael’s (In various shapes:puzzle piece shape, star, heart and flower….these were .79!!!)
5. Pocket folders at Wal-Mart for .15 each
6.Composition notebooks (the marble looking wide ruled) for .40 at Wal-Mart and Target
7. Elmer’s 2-pack glue sticks for .40 at Wal-Mart

By no means did I feel guilty for buying these!

Have you found any other amazing deals? Please share if you have!

20110728-044642.jpg 20110728-044710.jpg  20110728-045152.jpg


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