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Your School Lunch Serves What?

Many schools and countries around the world are finally serving healthy school lunches. However some are not, sadly. I recently came across a blog that was written by a school girl. She has taken pictures of what her school serves for lunch each day. Her blog actually has over 8 million page views! Many posts are from other children around the world that have posted their own pictures from their school cafeteria also! School lunch has become a hot topic and a very important trend. Why? Research asserts that healthy eating results in a better learning environment. We have all heard that “healthy minds equals healthy bodies.” Well, it is true!

So, stop by Martha’s blog and compare your school lunch to hers!¬†

She even has a book for sale! Wow! What an amazing young girl!

What Research Says About Healthy Eating:

* The brain is powered by energy that comes from broken down food.

* Food influences mood.

* Eating breakfast refuels your body and prepares it for the day.

*”Another¬†study, published in 2005 by theAmerican Society for Nutrition, found that higher intakes of PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids found in fish and vegetable oils) may contribute to improved academic performance while increased ingestion of cholesterol was linked to poorer performance.” -courtesy of: greatschools

* Additives in food (like dyes and preservatives) may increase hyperactivity in children

* Eating fast food more than 3 times a week, can decrease your test scores!


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