Resolve to Make Attainable Goals! Learn Something New…..


Did you know? Learning something new can make you smarter. Perhaps you can make a goal (or a New Year’s Resolution) to do just that. Instead of making resolutions that will make you feel guilty because they are too hard to reach, simply make more positive choices. Here are some attainable suggestions:

  •  Create your own blog – Begin with baby steps by following blogs! ( and are easy to use and completely free).
  • Read a Non-fiction book – Seeing how someone else overcame or attained something can encourage and motivate you to do the same!
  • Travel – Go somewhere you have never been before. Choose somewhere close by or travel abroad. Learning about new people transforms your thinking.
  • Study a New Language – You don’t have to become a master. Simply begin by learning 10-20 vocabulary words and 2-5 phrases.
  • Tweet – Learn to use twitter and follow successful and influential people!
  • Use Pinterest – Sign up. Dive in. Pin. Follow. You will get many ideas and inspiration from others.
  • Take a Free Class – On iTunes University you can listen to lecturers from well-known Universities.
  • Drink more Water – It increases your concentration and also aids in weight loss.

Whatever you hope for in the New Year- I wish you a great journey as you work towards it. Should you need more inspiration, I recommend reading Joel Osteen’s “I Declare.” It has encouraged me to keep moving forward towards the things I want to attain.