interactive whiteboard lessons

Interactive WhiteBoard interactivity!

Children love using Interactive whiteboards in the classroom. I have observed that children learn more and are involved more when they are actually interacting with the board, with their touch.  It is true that children learn by doing, therefore the whiteboard should be used to its full capability-instead of just being a backdrop to view Power Points and video’s. Power Points and video’s are important too, but should not be the only method for delivering instruction. Children are very capable of coming up to the screen and touching it to advance each slide. I have realized that I need to include more whiteboard interaction into my teaching. I will be using this cute little picture icon to display whiteboard activities that I have found online, from other other teachers. I am excited to start using other professionals activities!

Here are my teacher inspiration blogs below!

Here’s an early childhood one- It’s one of my favorites!

Here is an Australian sight that allows you to use activities for free.

This one is by Carson Dellosa and includes a free download unit:

More downloads here:

This post below is even better than mine and has a comprehensive list of hundreds of interactive lessons!