My Top 10 Most Favorite Children’s Books

We all have our favorite books. Here are mine! The reason that I love them…because my students and my own children love them. Reading and books somehow open the imagination and funny bone!

1. “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” by Felicia Bond is a well loved children’s book by many teachers. Why? It is a story that goes around and around and it shows what happens when you do something-anything! The little mouse is also reminded of his family in this story. This is a great story to read with your child as you enjoy some family time!









2. “Go Dog, Go” by PD Eastman. – This is one of the first books that my Pre-K son learned to read and loved to read at bedtime. It has many 3-letter words and lots of rhyme, which makes it fun to read!










3. Skippy Jon Jones by Judy Schachner is such a funny book. When, I read it, I change my voice into a Mexican accent. The kids laugh and end up reading along with me!








4. “Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister – This book teacher such simple and important concepts –¬†sharing,¬†social skills and making friends.











5. “Jake Starts School” by Michael Wright – This book shows a silly kid who insists that his parents stay at school with him all day. It helps children become more at ease with school as they watch the mom and dad on the playground and in the kiddie chairs!










6. “Go Away Big Green Monster” by Ed Emberly – This book “tricks” children into reading along. Its also a great book to read before nap or bedtime. I love how it is a simple story line that emphasizes color words and facial features, as well.












7. “Bad Kitty” by Nick Bruel is such a funny book about a really bad cat that constantly is getting into trouble!













8. “Elmer” by David McKee teaches about uniqueness and how everyone is special.












9. “Alice the Fairy” by David Shannon, shows a how little girls imagination can come to life!










10. “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!” by Mo Willems – A cute little bird sneaks into the driver seat and has so much fun!









There you have it!