child speech

Do You Believe in Me?


This simple question is how a ten year old student begins his speech to thousands of educators. “I can do anything, be anything, create anything because you believe in me and it rubs off on me,” says Dalton. Someone believed that he could “communicate” and give speeches.

What would happen if every child in our schools were inspired to develop their talents?  One such child was encouraged to develop his talent of public speaking and communication skills. Dalton Sherman, a ten year old fifth grader from Dallas gave the keynote speech to the Dallas School District in 2009. His speech is inspirational, personal and powerful.

Isn’t that what teaching is all about? Making a difference. Helping a child grow and develop into a productive citizen? When adults simply believe in a child, that child becomes empowered to work and try harder. If you as an adult can think of someone who believed in you and helped you become who you are today, then you are proof that “belief” is powerful!

Watch his video. You don’t want to miss it!

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