Spring has Sprung in Kindergarten!!

Yeah! Spring is here! Now that it is time to begin planting, I am started to gather my inspirations. Here is what I have found on Pinterest. Now…what will I do the same or differently. Stay posted to see!

Sunflowers Art – I decorated the walls of my classroom with these bright sunflowers. The students cut out the petals and added a long stem and leaves.


Sunflower Whole group Lesson – I drew this concept web and inserted the sight word sentence in the middle. The students then took turns thinking about how a sunflower looks and what it is. Then, they used these words to write about the flowers that they made.


Sunflower Writing – After the students made their sunflowers, I had them write about them. The rules were: Use a capital letter to begin the sentence, use sight words, add the correct ending mark. The focus sight word that we were working on was “are.”




Paint sample Flowers-I think this would be great to use for sight words. On each strip, students could write a sight word that has the same beginning sound. The pink could be for sight words that begin with letter “Aa”, green for sight words that begin with letter “Bb” etc….


Grass planters– These are so fun to watch grow. I have used recycled milk cartons, from the school cafeteria and it worked very well. All you do is get just simple grass seeds and plant in soil, water each day, give sunlight and then watch grow!


Tissue Paper Flower Art – Just trace the child’s hand, cut out, add stems then crunch tissue paper to look like flowers. Now you have a boquet for mom (possibly Mother’s day gift?!)


CD case planter– how smart!


Toilet Paper Tube planters and Recycled Green House! Just cut tubes in half, add soil, seeds and water, then close up the tupperware. Being that it is a greenhouse, the evaporation and condensation self waters the seeds. Be sure to keep it near the sun.





Date chart printables, as show above: Plant Growth Outside








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