WebQuest – Birds! Birds! Birds!

Bird  - Chipping Sparrow

Bird - Chipping Sparrow (Photo credit: blmiers2)

Now that Spring is here and Easter is around the corner, my class is learning about birds. Birds is kind of a radom subject. But I chose this because kids are so excited about Angry Birds these days. This is my way of meeting the students where they are at. This webquest is designed for students as a challenge activity for students who have mastered certain areas of the general curriculum. I have used webquests in the past, in place of a Math lesson (for 2-3 students who mastered that math skill presented in the lesson). So, the rest of the class is learning the Math lesson and the small group of students are researching thier “birds” in the library and/or online using the attached webquest form.

Click here to print the WebQuest activity: Birds Math and Reading Research Challenge Project

Parent Letter – Bird Research Challenge


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