Which Is the Better Investment: Higher Education or Early Education?


Have you ever thought of this question before? Not I-not until I read this article which I stumbled upon, on LinkeIn.

I think the main difference between both is the age of accountability. Early Education must be chosen for our youngest, by us. They have no say in the matter. It is not thier choice, it is our choice. At least with higher education, scholarships can be obtained or a young adult can work to pay tuition and fees. This is merely my opinion, though. According to the “Reading Horizons” blog article, they found that: “if a student is given a proper foundation from the start of their education they are more likely to gain a quality education.” I agree!

Which Is the Better Investment: Higher Education or Early Education?.

Read the article to find out what scholars and research says about the subject matter. You might be very surprised!



  1. I Love your lesson plans !!! I would like to know how you go about planning. I need lots of help when it comes to planning. Are you going to continue to put your plans on your blog. I hope so !!! šŸ™‚


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