Great Books for Back to School

I absolutely love books! I always teach my students that books are like money-so treat them well. As a child, I always enjoyed reading as a hobby, but I developed a love for books because of my seventh grade teacher, Mrs. Dalyrymple. She was always bringing in a new book to read, that she had just bought at a second hand book store. I don’t even remember any of the books that she read, but I do remember her excitement and joy that came from reading a book aloud.

As a teacher and mom, I can’t help but do the same thing. Books excite me-especially when I find one for less than a dollar at the Goodwill store. I hope that I awaken a love for books and learning, within my students too!

Here are some of my favorite books, that I love to read at the start of a new school year!

The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School

This is my newest favorite. It is such a cute story about how the classroom of students made a gingerbread man and then went out to recess. When they came back-he was gone. Now, they must search the school to find him. Along the way, he is out searching and meets the staff a the school (the nurse, principal, librarian, coach). It also comes with a poster of the cute gingerbread man from the book, which has a black and white copy to reproduce for your kiddos!

mouse_to_schoolI want to use props this year to let students help me act out the story (lunchbox, sandwich, mouse stuffed animal). I think it will be very interactive this way.

   miss-bindergartenI like to think-aloud as I read this lovely story, and have the students help me compare the Kindergarten classroom in the story (full of animals) to our classroom.

I love feedback! Leave your reply here.

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