Language Arts

Snow, Snowmen and Snowflakes!

Snowmen All Year

Snowmen Words – I read “Snowmen at Night” and “Snowmen All Year.” Then, we made a list on the whiteboard, of things that a snowman could do for fun. We learned about thought bubbles and made our own with writing paper. The children used sight words to write about what their snowman will do. Here are some of the sentences they wrote. “I will play.” “I will have a snowball fight.” “I see snow flakes.” “I will fly a kite.”



Winter Windows – After reading many stories about snow (since we don’t usually have snow in Houston, TX), we imagined what it would look like if we were to look out the window. The students painted icicles, snow flakes, snow balls, wind and of course, snowmen. This activity was so calming for the children-they were so quiet!



Coffee filter Snowflakes – Just fold 2 times and cut in any way and like magic, you have a snowflake!


Snowball Names – This fellow teacher made used pre-cut white circles-one for each letter of a child’s first name. I love that this is also another way of graphing and comparing amount of letters in each child’s name. White circle stickers can also be used in the same way.











Spelling words glorified!

I made this at By typing in my blog site, the words that I used the most in my entire site came up the largest. It kind of shows the priorities that I write about in my posts.

My son used the site with his spelling words. He typed them instead of writing them for his homework. This is another fun way to infuse paper-pencil homework with technology. When my daughter was in first grade, her teacher also allowed her to type her spelling words, instead of hand write them. Then, I helped her to email them to her teacher. She loved it and it made her feel so grown up!