Angry Birds Activities in the Classroom

Seriously- we can learn alot from angry birds. I call it “meet the children where they are at”! Those angry birds are cute, daring, imagninative and angry….just like some of our children. My four year old absolutely loves these birds, so I decided to search for inspiration and bring these fluffy balls into my classroom too! As Easter is fast approaching, I am sure to find a way to bring these birds and their eggs into the holiday theme somehow!

Art Activity – Painting plates (idea found at squidoo) After painting these plates, have the children match the bird to the color word.

Writing Activity with Stickers

Printables! An amazing and smart lady at 1+1+1 created these!

Math- Pig and bird sorting- Click below to print for free (yeah-I love free!)


The printables above were found at:

Angry Sight Words Sentence Mix-up and Re-build it Activity!


Follow this link to print it for FREE!


Click to print:

Emergent Reader Sight Word Book


Click to print page 1: Click here to print page 2:

Block Center Idea! (from Digital Kindergarten)

Counting Angry Birds (created by:

I found this link where you can print out faces for each angry bird. It is a balloon template, but I plan on using it to make party favor bags for my sons 4th birthday party. Here’s the link:



Take Home Sight Word Book-Here the kids color the birds according to the color sight word on each page.


Click here to print: Take Home Reader Book – I Like Angry Birds

Real Birds vs. Angry Birds Sorting Activity


Printable! Click here: Angry Birds – Sort Real and Not Real Animals and birds

Comparing an Angry Bird to a Cardinal – Whole Group Activity: My class really enjoyed thinking about these birds and comparing them to each other.


I have also created a Birds! Birds! Birds! WebQuest. Just click over to the WebQuest tab, to find it along with more information about WebQuests!



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Anger Managament Lessons and Printables:



  1. I love this website. Thank you so much, you gave me so many great tools to use for my son’s 4th birthday party/sleepover.


  2. I work in an Autistic classroom and I cannot thank you enough for having this!!!! It just might have saved me some serious headaches~ TY TY TY Lisa


  3. Hi Andrea,thaks for all materials,I have just started working as a teacher.So I want to make my lessons more interesting.Excuse me,can you send me some materials about math?Great thanks!


    1. You are most welcome, Aytan. What type of math things are you looking for? What skills are you targeting? I actually have not found the need to create Math materials, except for where the curriculum was lacking. My school uses Pearson digital textbooks (Envision Math) and it comes with great work activities and manipulatives. I also use Everyday Math Calendar Materials and really like those. I hope this helps! -Andrea


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